Jean Brown in Brisbane Australia

  1. Hi Everyone,

    For all the Aussie tPFers I thought I'd share my great experience when buying my Sandstone city bbag from Jean Brown. They are a new store that sells many high end handbags, including bbags. From memory, I recall MarieG may have posted her visit to Jean Brown not so long ago. So far, compared to other stores within Australia who sell bbags, Jean Brown are the most competitively priced for bbags (compared to Cultstatus and Miss Louise). The owner and manager are the loveliest people and really have their act together re customer service and knowledge. From many threads this seems to be hard to come by.
    They have a website,, however you'll need to email them for bbag pictures.:okay:
  2. Wow, that's good to hear!!:yes: Thanks for letting us know that their prices are the most competitive in Australia. But how much more expensive is it than to buy from the States?

    It was me who posted the info., and I remember Marie loved it as well. It's good to hear that they're knowledgeable and are great in customer service(unlike Cosmopolitan Shoes!).

    I'll definitely pay them a visit when I go to Brisbane:heart:
  3. thanks tooshies, I was taking a punt :p when trying to remember who posted. They are still more expensive than buying from the States (AUD$300 to $400 more expensive than when buying it from States), however they had the sandstone city at the time when AR had sold out. They are having their store launch party next week. I live in Melbourne and unfortunately I cannot attend, sounded like it's going to be a good night.:rolleyes:
  4. Really!? AUD300-400 more isn't that bad... considering how much Cosmopolitan Shoes charges for a Work. They actually charge AUD2500 for a Work, which equates to something like a little over $2K, I think. Insane.....

    Maybe I oughta email them:rolleyes: Thanks a mill for the info:heart:
  5. I enquired in May and they advised that the City's are $1,830, small wallets are $535 (I enquired about coin purses, but they weren't stocking them). I ended up getting mine from AR when the Fall/Winter stock came since I was just after a black city.

    They got back to me with colours and prices very quickly.
  6. You're right shazzy99, they are the prices. I advised them I usually purchase my bbags from overseas and asked if they would be able to offer me a more competitive price on the city. Lucky for me I was offered a 10% one off discount, which made it an easy decision for me! ;)
  7. Speak to Linda (store manager) as she looked after me. I advised her that I usually buy my bbags from OS as the price is a lot more competitive than buying here (thought I'd have nothing to loose by asking). Linda was great and offered me a one off discount after speaking to the store owner. :smile:
  8. Since the US$ isn't doing too hot these days(which, I'm very happy about since I get better conversion rate:p), $1830 is still pretty steep.....though for Australia, it's not that bad. Cosmopolitan Shoes are charging whopping $2K for the City. Do you know if they stock current colors like the rest of the world, or do they carry bags from a season ago like Cosmopolitan Shoes?

    Wow, that's pretty good! It's still a bit more than buying them in the States, but it really is pretty good for Australia! Thanks, natasha:heart:

  9. When I enquired, it was a few days after they opened (yes I was very eager...), so they might not have had all their stock. It's probably best to call them or email, they reply very quickly and I'm sure they can tell you exactly what colours and bags they have in stock at the moment.
  10. Just to updated, I found the email from them and they advised they had the following colours of the City:
    Black, Red, Dark Brown, Taupe/Beige, Blue
  11. Thanks, shazzy:heart::heart: