Jean Alterations in San Francisco

  1. Does anyone know of any good and reasonably priced tailors that alter jeans and keeps the original hem? I went to Nordstrom the last time and they charged $20/jeans. That can become quite expensive. Macy's does it but also at the same price.
  2. There's this place right across the street from macy*s Union Square that has great reviews. I cant think of the name right now though, maybe cable car hemming? something like that. i'll post when i find out
  3. Yep, it's called Cable Car tailors at 200 O'Farrell Street, Ste. 200. I believe they charge $11 for orginal hem and $9 for regular.
  4. Thanks for the posts mello_yello_jen and totoro928!!

    I work close to Union Square so I'll have to check that out.
  5. I am in desperate need of a jean alteration place here in San Diego. I used to think I had long legs (I'm 5'8), but now that all designer jeans are soooo long, I'm stepping all over my cuffs. I always buy my jeans at Nordstrom Rack or Off Saks, so I never am there to have the store do the alterations. Anyone know how much department stores charge for alterations?
  6. I think I saw a sign while I was waiting in line for the dressing rooms at Nordstrom Rack that they do offer alterations. It's $20 to keep the original hem on jeans, as well as Nordstrom and Macy's.

    It might differ in San Diego but that's the costs for up here in SF.
  7. I highly recommend Cable Car. It's next to the Starbucks on the next block up from Powell and O'Farrell. (Near H&M) I've gotten alterations there before and it's great. They helped to alter some of my bootcut jeans into skinnies.
  8. $20 isn't bad at all. Thanks.
  9. Do you usually bring in the jeans with the alterations you want, or do you have to try it on there and they pin up what you need cut at Cable Car?
  10. You can do either.
  11. Thanks!! It looks like I'll be making a trip there soon.
  12. I'm in sd too. I just bought some jeans from Off Saks. I thought that the Nordstroms alterations were only for jeans purchased from Nordstroms. Are they really fine with people bringing in jeans purchased elsewhere?

    If not, can anyone recommend a good place to go in San Diego? & also include prices. Thanks.
  13. I went to one in San Diego when i was visiting.. she charges $15 for the original hem and she's really good. I have to ask my cousin where she's located.. i think she's in La Jolla.
  14. cable car is awesome. i take all my jeans there. if you have a bunch, they can do a quantity discount.
  15. I just went to Cable Car and had a pair of Diesel jeans hemmed (original hem) and it was $11. It was quite quick and really well done -- I wore the jeans today matter of fact.