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  1. I hope I'm not starting drama or anything, but does anyone else feel there is a little jealousy, or tension, from the few members here who don't own designer bags? I just noticed, a lot of posts stating "Not everyone can buy designer/high end bags". Also, when someone says they don't like Coach or another lower end purse, there's always someone with a tude. But if you say "oh I dislike Chanel" (I :love: Chanel, but it's just an example) no would care. It just seems so silly to me. Why would you knowingly join a forum that has MANY members who have deisgner purses when it bothers you? :weird: I really hope no one is offended. I'm not trying to uppity or anything. I just wonder if I'm the only one who thinks this...
  2. interesting observation. it never came to me, but i can see how you came to. well most people put coach down because it's made in china. i'm sure if coach were made in italy or france we would love them more, but if that was the case, they would probably cost a lot more. but i still think they charge a lot considering. but then again, everything is expensive. no win situation here.
  3. Well, everyone here is entitled to their own opinions. And yes, I noticed that too but I just ignore their comments....
  4. That's retail. Everything costs at least twice as much as it could sell for with a profit. I see bags on sale and think oh my gosh. Especially stuff like Gucci. I once saw an 800 bag on sale for like 250!!! :weird:
  5. Of course, you should have your own opinion, but it's kinda like going to a fansite just to say you hate the person. Kind of like why waste your time?
  6. And at that price, they're STILL making profits! Even when they go on sale for less than 100... geesh. :blink:
  7. I notice the tension too but just choose to ignore it. :lol: I figure they can say all they want w/o hurting people physically.
  8. wow, i definitely didn't notice that at all. but, i'm with all those people out there who are not fans of coach. and it has nothing to do with where it's made or how much it costs, i just think most coach things (as with dooney and bourke) are ugly. of course, there are always exceptions, i'm sure.
  9. Ha!ha! True! :lol:
  10. I just don't why it's there. I mean, the people here especially gals with HUGE collections are so freakin nice. It's not like anyone said oh if you no names bags you're trash. They act like that. :sad2: Maybe I should ignore it too, but I just feel like they act as if we're putting them down or something.
  11. Hmm, I haven't noticed that either... But most of the time my mind if foggy from homework, I'm not very nuance-y (is that a word? :amuse: )

    Where has this happened?

    I'm honestly curious. Any specific threads? (pm me?)
  12. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. to each their own. some people really love coach i'm sure. everyone has their own tastes / preferences. not going to put those people down, at least they have passion for something.
  13. but hey, i don't see many feuds here and i assume we respect each other...
  14. Well, it's also hard to interpret the things they say online since we can't see them and look at their facial expressions when they type. I notice if I'm in a bad mood and I read someone's post, their post will sound angry to me for some reason, but if I'm in a good mood, then their post sounds cheery to me.
  15. That's true. You never truly know the meaning of something said online.