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  1. Is it bad to be jealous of your significant others hobbies? My bf plays hockey for our university so pretty much every other weekend he's out of town, but this month he's gonna be out for two weeks in a row. Now, I've grown used to that but now he's been doing a lot of volunteering so I don't see him much at all. Now, usually I wouldn't mind but these past two weeks I've been sick and I asked him to take me to work but he told me "I need to ask Olga if she needs me to show her how to use the computer." She's an older woman that he tutors in computers. Is it wrong to be upset?
  2. Maybe you should talk to him? It sounds like he's super busy, so why not suggest setting aside some time each week for the both of you to get together and hang out, and don't allow anything else to get in the way. My boyfriend and I do this. Friday nights are our evening. We cook dinner or order takeout, rent a movie, buy some beer or wine and enjoy each other's company.

    I would bring it up that you've been feeling a bit neglected, but not in the "You never pay attention to me!" accusatory way (trust me, this doesn't work!). Just let him know that you enjoy being with him :biggrin:
  3. ^^ I agree with Cristina. I have realized that you will always feel what you feel, and you can not help that. But if you feel a certain way, you should tell him. Vlad and I work at that all the time!! That way you are keeping it inside, and maybe with some explanation (hopefully) he will understand where you are coming from and give you some more of his time!
  4. I agree with this...And also, it might be a great time to explore some other potential hobbies of your own. I'm assuming that he must be a really great guy, so he probably won't mind if he has to wait around for you sometimes, too.:biggrin:
  5. Thanks.. I've grown kind of used to being by myself on weekends, because my bestfriend won't ever hang out with me if her bf is in town, and he always is. Because she won't hang with me, i've kind of replaced her with my bf, so when he leaves I'm kind of a home on a saturday night kind of girl. I have a hobby, photography and of course shopping, LoL, but because of school I've had to drop a-lot of that.
  6. He sounds like a very nice young man if he's volunteering to help an older woman with her computer. Lots of guys these days aren't like there. There are a few of 'em around though and one of them is your guy.

    Just talk to him. I hang out pretty much exclusively with mine when he's in town and I only see him once a month or so. It sucks but there's nothing we can't deal with after 5 years of being together (and many more to come). I hope this all gets sorted out and that it will result in a win-win situation.