jealous women

  1. so Im here at work and my mentor and I always talk about handbags and tells our group about how im addicted to high end bags and everyone around us always asks me how I can afford them, which In my opinion is the most offensive question, I ignore them..until today.

    I walked in on them talking about how i grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth, so I told them they know NOTHING about me and whatever my family has worked for...WORKED for..they didnt stand to collect welfare or handouts from anyone, so :censor: them!

    my last day at work is tommorrow and I had a feeling that my mentor was setting up a goodby lunch for me, well they got the email and as soon as they opened it they said to themselves " shes deff not going to be missed" I just looked at them and gave them a dirty look. They probably thought since I didnt get the email, I didnt know what they were talking about.

    They are so completely rude and always have something negative to say when someone else mentions how they like something im wearing or my handbag. I dont care if they are 3 decades older then me, they have no business to JUDGE ME or my family. :censor: !!!!!

    what should I do? I want to report them to HR before I leave, should I? or should i tell them off tommorrow and then leave?
  2. I say, right before you leave report them, and the TELL THEM OFF!
  3. my advice is justto leave and keep it between you and them, dont get HR involved coz it might backfire and give you a bad rep even though you havent done anything wrong,, If you wnat a good reference I would not go to HR or make it official. Unofficially, totally tell them how you feel.
  4. Perfect Idea - yet not to loudly - HR wont do anything to these jealous women........P.S. make sure you have your must fab purse with you to make them even more green with envy
  5. Given how often people find themselves working again with people they knew at previous jobs, or looking for a new job just to find that a former co-worker is doing the hiring, I say take the high road and say nothing at your exit interview. Remember, whatever you say will not be forgotten, and no matter what you say HR will not do anything about it. Plus, if you "tell them off" it gives them ammo to say "see, spoiled brat could not take the heat". Silence is golden.
  6. I agree with Irishgal~~never burn any bridges. Just kill them with kindness and sweetly bid them adieu!!! It will kill them even more to see how much more civilized you are. Don't stoop to their level.
  7. I couldn't agree more. Taking the high road is the best way to handle it. By leaving respectfully and not burning any bridges, you are leaving there as the better person.
  8. I agree with Irishgal and Cristina, taking the high road is the best! Show them that you have class and walk away from their immaturity and jealousy.
  9. Me, too. You deserve better, don't stoop to their level.:heart::flowers:
  10. Thank you girls! I think Im going to let it roll off my back, I wont see them again after tommorrow.
    I guess atleast its nice to know im the topic of there conversations lol
  11. And if they give you a going away party, smile and be gracious. And don't forget to take the leftover cake home.
  12. LOL!:lol::lol:
  13. just roll it off! also wear a hot outfit and fab bag tomm to get them more envyous!..
  14. I 100% agree with your response, Its also the mature thing to do. :yes:
  15. I agree with this.

    Sorry about what is happening. Don't let them get to you. You are leaving for a much better place.