Jealous SAs.....

  1. I am sure as often as you ladies shop you might have had some sort of experience with the same issue… My Mother and I went to Gucci yesterday for some Father’s day shopping and well…. Who doesn’t deserve a little something for them selves when they are being sooooo very kind to buy such great father’s day gifts( well and I also have not ONE iota of self control… that’s more truthful) We waited for our SA to finish up with Another customer , and the Gucci boutique is a fantastic place to wait, tho it gets me in trouble, But the venomous looks we got from some other SAs was annoying , I have gone to my SA for over a year and I will always wait for him, also because I love to talk to him and see him . We were very pleasant and chatty with the other people on the floor, much nicer than some people that go into the store and treat everyone like dirt. I guess maybe they prefer being treated poorly ….. What do you girls think? Any one else ever seen the green-eyed commission monster /sales monster?
  2. i hate that.... I like sticking to one SA too. I would just let that negative energy roll down my shoulder. Those SAs obviously don't love their job and are just in it for a quick buck.

    I would take it to their boss if it bothered me that bad... but i'm a beeotch like that.
  3. Ooooh, that's not nice at all! If your SA ever leaves that store, I'm sure the green eyed SA's will be the last ones to get your business! Cosmetics SA's are also like that, they also get paid commission - been there before on that one - hate that!
  4. And they wonder why they're not getting the sales ! That's just silly.
  5. One thing I've always disliked about this forum, is the lack of compassion for SA's. Yes, some of them are horrible and snobby, but keep in mind that we don't get paid THAT well, and they work for a living just like everyone else. I try my best to be pleasent with everyone, and I put up with some really nasty treatment and honestly, STUPID customers. I just work at bath and body works, but still-- it's not the most fabulous job ever, but I do love working with people in the public, as long as they don't treat me like I'm their personal little shopping slave.

    just my two cents.
  6. ^^^^ Dani, I used to be a SA once and I looooovvvvved it. Even though it was all commission based, i always helped my coworker's clients and rung it under my coworker. It never bothered me. But I just love shopping sooo much that i took my SA job for fun (I would do it again, but I don't have the time to dedicate). Of course you get the bad seed clients, but that comes w/ the job. FYI, at some places the SAs do get paid a lot of money if they're commission based. I was getting paid on the average $50 an hour and I wasn't even working at a high end boutique.
  7. i hate when that happens too. i am the same way too. good service deserves to be patient for.just ignore all the jealousy.
  8. $50 an hour? I need a new job....

    Not all SA's are bad, and I do have retail experience as well and know there are brutal SA's out there. I meant no disrespect o the good SA's, but you have to admit there are some bad ones out there that give the good ones a bad name.
  9. I work part time at Coach (about 15 hours a week) during the summer to get the 'rents off my back:lol: . My friend works there, so I thought it would be a fun place to work. It totally is! I'm not sure I would want to make a CAREER out of it (I am still in school...just got my bachelor's degree, now I'm working on my paralegal certification) but its cool for right now.

    I apologize if anyone has ever had a bad experience with a SA in the past. As long as the SA is treated nicely and with respect, there is NO reason for them not to treat the client the same.
  10. I rarley have any issue with SAs , even if I am just looking , but yesterday I felt like I was doing something wrong by waiting for the person who helps me all the time , I love to chat with anyone who works in the stores I frequent , I just always feel bad about the fact that you can really only buy from one of them .... Belive me ... I sell houses alll day ... I know what being treated like garbage feels like
  11. all the time at my usual stores I have my SA and I will wait or ask for them, the other SA always look at me horribly. also at one of my favorite jewelry stores the manager was so kind and helpfull that now I always buy from her well all the girls are so mean to her, I even herd one tell her "you are not going to be able to sleep tonight" "you should have let one of us make that sale"
  12. Ohhhh yes. I only go to my SA and refuse to go to anyone else. I seriously would not trust anyone else.

    But yes, they just sit there.. wondering why everyone goes to my SA and waits for him. And then, they would try to make you happy too and start offering you pop and so on O_O
  13. In my experience this has never happened.... What I usually find is that SAs become friendlier if I'm on a first-name basis with another SA. This is especially true at Gucci....
  14. Something similar happened to me recently. I was at Saks for the presale and none would help me, it was so bad that I was standing in front of some shoes and the male SA ignored me while talking to some other customer who was really just complaining that she hadn't bought them on sale! I sort of picked up the shoe and smiled trying to get his attention - but clearly he didn't want to help. So finally I found this sweet female SA to help me. I went back to pick up my shoes and decided to try on a pair of Manolos. The rude male SA was there and because it was dead said 'hello' to me. The I overheard him complaining to my SA as if she was trying to steal me!!! She told him that I was her customer. I think he about died when I also bought the Manolos in addition to the shoes I was picking up. Just because I look younger doesn't mean they should judge me! I was in sales and I think most SAs are terrible, sorry but I always worked hard, knew my products, and really helped everyone without judging who might have money. I think you should wait for the SA that you like. Definitely.
  15. Agreed :flowers: I'm sure that when they applied to the job, being FRIENDLY and COURTEOUS was one of the prerequisites. Funny how that fades over time.... :huh: