Jealous friends and your love for LV...

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  1. #1 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
    I have an issue and I was wondering if I was alone. Now, I am a living in a house with 3 people. I am student, but I don’t really live like one. Ha-ha. Anyway, I have a love for most things LV and I express that through buying things I like. Now, as most of us know, LV is an expensive passion, but regardless of money, we find ways to fulfil ourselves. Over the past several months of living here, I’ve purchased several items. One of my housemates is a dear friend and he knows me and how I live. I came home tonight with my Rose Pochette and showed it to him. He was like ‘that’s cute, how much did you pay for it?’ I told him £275 ($401 US Dollars). He then said he would buy that for that much if he had the money. Then, my flatmate comes home and he is like ‘hey, show her your new LV purchase?’ I bring it out and he goes ‘Guess how much he paid? £275. My rent is £280. I cant believe you paid the same amount I paid on rent on a bag!’ WHAT?!?!?! Did he not just say he would pay for it if he had the money? I know he likes designer things because he asked me to sell him one of my Gucci or LV wallets (I sold him my Damier bi-fold). What is with the about face? It is annoys me because my friends know I like LV and I buy it when I want. Although I am a student, I have a wealthy older brother who pays my tuition, bills, and he is generous with me. That is why I am able to buy such things like LV and thankful to be able to do so. It is not like I am going into debt fuelling my LV love.

    Anyway, do any of you have issues with friends that are kind of two face like this? I am sorry to post this here and I am not sure if it is appropriate but I am really angry and upset about this situation b/c we have been friends for over 3 years

    His sudden change of attitude when out flatmate walked in pissed me off and caught me off guard? I think I will confront him tomorrow about this because I find it a bit rude and two-face.

    Thanks for letting me vent and taking time to read my posting. i figured someone here would understand where I am coming from.

    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. You can't help some else's jealousy - but it can get to one when it's the people you consider friends. Don't let them spoil your enjoyment - you're not doing anything irresponsible / bad to fuel your hobby (and congrats on such a great brother!!!!).

    Your beyond all this. Enjoy life :tup:
  3. It was rude and it was two-faced. I'm sorry that this happened to you. You are going to meet people who are jealous no matter where you go, you just have to learn to deal with them.

    In terms of this friend, I would stop showing him your purchases and letting him know how much they are. I would also stop selling him your designer stuff.

  4. i think i will. i only showed him cuz he knows my passion, we talk about luxury goods all the times, the brands, what we like and dislike
    so, for him to do this was weird. plus, i live with him in the same house. so, it is hard for me to hide things completely. plus, he knows, altho i buy luxury goods, i am far from shallow and always there for friends when they need anything. just sad and hurtful, ya know
  5. Whatever to your buddy, seriously!
    I would've told him straight up, 'honey you said you would pay for this bag so don't even!'

    Seriously what a sad, sad friend/roommate you have. :WTF:
  6. I try not to associate with people like that. I appreciate consistency in people. Maybe you should continue being nice to him but just keep your LV and prices to yourself and don't share that information with him.;)

  7. hey, i agree with you! it didnt hit me until after the convo was over and I was in my room. it is like, he tried to make me feel bad in a way for buying it. I told him once that people who dont own it dont understand as i used to be that way. It's more than just 'buying a label' when u learn about the quality of the product.

    he knows it as he has my damier wallet and he loves it. hypocritical?

    anyway, Howard, i saw your collection awhile back and just want to say I LVOE IT! meant to comment on it some time ago!

  8. I know, it's painful when a friend does something like this. I wouldn't go as far as hiding the bag but I wouldn't show him a new purchase when I bought it either. If he asks if a bag is new simply say yes. If he asks the price, you don't have to answer.

  9. well, he knows i am buying a graffiti keepall cuz we discussed it weeks ago
    also, i usually post my pics to the LV facebook group (WHICH I LOVE) and it shows up on my mini feed (DAMN FACEBOOK) so, yeah, he can see it. i try to do it so it does not show up, but it is hard. plus, i like to share what i buy with like minded people.
    sad it has come to this
  10. yea do not let him know how much you paid for it. just smile like an idiot-in-love-with-LV at him everytime he ask you that question.
  11. True friends aren't jealous and acting rudely to you. "Friends" that are in competition or have bitterness in their hearts bec. they have issues will/can be jealous and you just have to 'deal' with them or drop them. I have one friend who I keep around more bec. I pity her than anything else. She is someone I do not respect (she's a cheater and has a horrible temper) and I would love to drop her as a friend but sort of am trapped bec. she is going through a rough divorce and is miserable so dropping her would be mean and hurtful. I just sort of keep it a distant/cordial relationship. Anyway she wears fake bags, she's not trying to look like she's richer, she could care less about quality to looking like she has a designer bag. Her father just buys them for her and his family and she wears them bec. they're there and she's too cheap to go out and buy something else. She is an extrememely cheap person and oddly grew up in a gorgeous estate to wealthy parents, but she is bitterly cheap and has zero appreciation for quality and doesn't even realize how cheap she looks wearing the cheap crap she dresses in. I gave her a ride and I noticed her noticing my mc alma. When we were inside I casually mentioned it was my favorite bag, she barely smiled and I saw her glare at the bag a few more times during the hour. I don't know what she was thinking but I know that I really dislike her personality and can relate to what you are going through. If there was someone I could 'divorce' her with out hurting her feelings I would. I feel like I have to walk on egg shells around her bec. she is a volatile person, I just try to be nice bec. I feel bad for her.
  12. that is sad. i guess money cant buy class
    you know what is funny that i just noticed. when i got my Graphite Tadao, I 'retired' my Damier Geant Messager. So, he was asking me what i would do and i said it will stay in its dustbag. I told him if he ever wanted to use it while out to, you know, 'spice up his look', he was more than welcomed to use it. so, it's ok to borrow, but not buy? :confused1:

    i just remembered that convo a second ago
  13. I completely understand.. I had alot of issues with that in highschool its just jealousy.
  14. We always have this conversation simply because people will be people. I don't have time to deal with people's jealousy. If you can't afford the bag, don't knock on those who can. Just because it isn't something you would spend your money on doesn't mean someone else would. I have always had a more "expensive" taste, and I just learn to budget(I hate that word...haha) and splurge when I feel I can. I agree with Howard, I appreciate people's consistency and respect. Someone who respects you genuinely wishes good things on you and is happy for you. So if your happiness means buying a Louis, I say have fun. If your room mate doesn't like that they can shove it up their...Well you get the point ;)
  15. point well made :tup::tup::tup: