Jcriley5's bags

  1. Here is my modest collection so far! My favorite is probably the Damier Speedy 25! :tup: I hope to add a shoulder bag for my next purchase (whenever that will be!) . I am thinking about either a Saleya MM or Cabas Piano!
    trunk 001.jpg trunk5.jpg
  2. Love the collection- super cute T&B pochette!
  3. great collection, love all the LV.
  4. Very nice collection! I especially love the T&B Pochette & Coach Scribble Tote! :tup:
  5. Cute bags!
  6. Great collection!!
  7. Thanks all! The Trunks and Bags pouchette is my newest purchase. I usually don't use such small bags, but could not pass this up!
  8. Great collection!

    I think this thread deserves a little bump! ;)
  9. Beautiful choices!
  10. Love the damier speedy.
  11. Great collection!