JCrew's Holden Boots

  1. I am :heart: :heart: ing the new JCrew fall boots! I hurried and ordered a pair but they only had a size 7.5 or 5.5 in the espresso color. I'm normally a 6/6.5 so i took a risk and ordered the 5.5. They looked so cute with tucked in skinny jeans on the model in the catalog[​IMG]
  2. Well if it helps I'm normally an 8.5 but always an 8 in J.Crew. Cute boots.
  3. ooooh! LOVE those!!!
  4. I fell in love with these in the catalogue too! they looks so cute with the knee socks over the skinny jeans. i hope they work out for you!
  5. love it!!!

    Let me know about the sizing...I'm usually a 6/6.5
  7. Gorgeous boots! Love 'em!