1. did anyone notice that JCREW's clothing is getting better and better (but then the price is getting higher)?!?

    i was browsing around last night and loved every piece!! aaah, and then i walked into Gap and was very impressed as well.

    However, Banana Republic is miserably failing me!! but i did hear that they replaced the head designer so maybe well see some changes.

    i just bought 3 outfits online!!! and it's not even spring yet :sad:
  2. i find that jcrew is always good for the basics, and banana is totally hit or miss IMO, but i still love it!
  3. i love "the crew!" their sweaters are awesome. my bf and i do a good job keeping them in business. put it this way -- sometimes when we get dressed, we totally look like a matched set, lol.

    the gap IMHO is sort of a crap-shoot. last year they sort of tanked with the interpretation of getting back to basics which translated to overpriced t's and jeans and nothing else. :sad: seriously a bummer. i will admit that while the gap fell, i found a new love for old navy! i wouldn't call myself a devout old navy-er or anything, but while the gap was falling, i think old navy was rising!
  4. Yes, I've been noticing this in the last few years, hence my extremely high J Crew credit card bill. I get excited and nervous everytime I get a new J Crew catalog in the mail and frequent their site several times a week. I'm currently debating getting the black patent peep toe heels that just appeared on their site...I know if I wait long enough they will go on sale, but then I have to worry about my size not being available...hmmm...

    Banana Republic and the Gap are both hit or miss lately IMO. There have been months at a time that I've walked into the Gap and have been "meh" about everything, but then other times, I want every other thing I see in the store...
  5. love J Crew....they also have great sales.....i picked up some cute sweaters the day after Christmas sale!!!
  6. I love J Crew, but the jacket I want is still the same price online, do they have better deals in store?
  7. I love Jcrew as well! My only gripe is their final sales with no returns :sad: I would have bought so much during their after holiday sales if I was able to return for a bigger size or return because it wasn't what I thought. I don't have a Jcrew close to me so I don't get to go try stuff on first and then buy online...
  8. I feel the same way about J Crew! Banana has been letting me down lately. But you are sooo right...everything at J Crew has been cute lately!
  9. I too LOVE j crew... I used tobe all about banana and now I don't even want to walk in to the store. Now GAP is my store for a lot of basics and I buy almost all of my daughters clothes there. I also find that gaps casual ants fit me better than J. crew but j. crew totally tops them with patterns belts, tops and scarfs! I actually just went into j. crew and bought too much stuff!
  10. To me, J crew is the best place to get the basic stuff.
    I especially like their jackets, tissue t-shirts, and sweaters.
    Good quality at good price. I usually get them on sale, so even better.
  11. i've recently become a HARDCORE jcrew addict. since last month...oh boy, i don't want to think about my bills!

    banana republic has gotten a lot of my money lately too. just as good, i think. but they're always great!

    all last year gap had some great things, i havent bought quite as much as i usually do this season though.
  12. i've recently become a HARDCORE jcrew addict. since last month...

    eek! me too!
  13. LOVE jcrew!!! but the prices do keep going up and up.