jcrew shoes

  1. Hey Everyone,

    Do JCrew shoes usually run true to size?

  2. I find that I have to go down 1/2 a size when wearing J.Crew. I'm an 8.5 usually, 39 in something like Manolo heels, and a 8 in J.Crew.
  3. I find them true to size, but I have somewhat narrow feet.
  4. True to size for me as well, though some of the shoes are too wide in the heel for me.
  5. True to size for me.
  6. tts for me as well :smile:
  7. tts, and i have narrow feet.

    a lot of their shoes are reasonably priced, made in italy and last well! love that!
  8. I have a pair of flats that fit true to size, however I also have a pair of heels and they are too big.
  9. true to size for me. Boots run larger.
  10. true to size
  11. i want to order flats/loafers that's on sale right now but it's final sale (no return). If I wear a 6 in Uggs would I wear a 6? and I wear 6.5 (tory burch)

  12. Hmm Uggs and Tory Burch both have some odd sizings, what about other shoes? If you are generally a 6, get a 6. If your foot is wide, get a 6.5
  13. They don't run small. I'm not really sure if they're TTS or if you need to size down, since I just have one pair of sandals. If you're ordering sandals or open toed shoes, I'd almost advise you to size down, but if it's something closed-toe, I'd go with my true size. Good luck!
  14. ITA:yes: