JCrew shoes, so cute!

  1. You guys like? I think theyre so pretty! I wish I could get them, but they dont come in my size and I'm forever broke anyway.


    Lindley peep-toe heels
  2. they're adorable! are jcrew shoes good quality? i had a pair of sandals and and the heel reinforcement fell off on me :sad:.
  3. Agreed! super duper cute!
  4. Oh man that is terrible. I'm not sure about theyre quality actually :/ Does anyone else know?
  5. I :heart: Jcrew shoes. They are the only brand of shoes (besides Reef flip flops & UGG) that I do not have to break in. As far as quality goes, I have never had an issue with them.

    BTW, love those heels. I wished I could wear heels, but I have flat feet:rant:
  6. very very cute!:biggrin:
  7. j crew is one of the few places i can go to for size 5s. so i like them!
  8. CUTE!!! :censor: you, J Crew, you get me (and my credit card) every time!!
  9. Oh, I also think J Crew shoes are of excellent quality, I have had boots, heels, flats, and sandals from J Crew (I'm a total addict) and I've loved them all!
  10. I love these ... great for summer!

  11. I'm not sure about J.Crew shoes' quality. They're always advertising that they have good quality, but when I bought my first (and so far only) pair of shoes from them two years ago, one of the pieces fell off the shoe immediately out of the box. I didn't even get the chance to wear them yet, they had been shipped to me via J. Crew online.

    I gorilla-glued the piece back on, and since then, the shoes have been fine. I only wear them less than 20 times a year though. They do come out with cute shoes every so often; I don't think next time I'll be able to resist, and maybe the quality won't be so questionable either.
  12. Very cute indeed!
  13. ooh! so cute!
    i'm a jcrew addict. i think the quality for their shoes is excellent - better than some other mid-range shoe brands. the leather is usually quite nice. i own a lot of pairs of thongs and sandals (non-rubber), flats, heels, and boots from JCrew and they've all lasted me and looked great through the wear. i highly recommend trying it out, especially when it goes on sale. my favorite pair of shoes every is a cute jcrew pair of patent peep-toe shoes that i always get compliments on :smile: i love their shoes!
  14. I love jcrew shoes. I have 2 pair of flats and they're super comfortable.
  15. i read somewhere that their boots are made in the same factory as gucci and prada boots. not sure if that's absolutely true or not, i think it was an article in some business magazine. don't know about the quality of their other shoes though.
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