JCrew shipping codes here

  1. </SPAN>1)ced-249 through December 5, 2007

    2) HB-11-BR $4.95 shipping on any order during month of November. Expires 11:59ET on 11/30/07. Valid on internet orders not phone orders.

    I tried both and they work. Just be careful with capitalization as I tried the first one with all caps and it didn't work.
  2. thanks!
  3. Free Shipping on all purchases of $175 or more - HOLIDAY

  4. What is the minimum for ced-249?
  5. $100.00
  6. ced-249 is on $100 or more

    FS1126 is for free shipping on ANY amount. Good through Nov. 28.
  7. ^Thank you! I just used FS1126. :biggrin:
  8. Thank you brandless - I used the first code on 26th and still worked for free shipping. :yahoo:
  9. Thanks starrymaz! Just used the codes to buy a pair of capri!
  10. thanks !!!! used ced-249 and it worked !!!