jcrew sale?

  1. does anyone know when jcrew will have the extra percentge off sale stuff. either in store or online? its usually like 25 or 30% off sale stuff...
  2. good question... does anyone know??
  3. Jcrew is having a huge sale online right now!! They have great deals!

    Might I add that the sale is final. No returns, exchanges.
  4. They are really picky when they do the extra off. I don't think they have done it at all during the holiday season. I would see if they do it for New Years.
  5. I just looked at the sale stuff they posted. They have some nice stuff at decent prices. It kind of sucks though that you cant return it if it doesnt fit right
  6. I would have totally dived in and purchased a ton if they didn't have the final sale policy. It's so risky to purchase something online, realize it doesn't fit well, and then be stuck with it. Plus, their price reduction isn't drastic enough to warrant an all sales final policy. The discount amount is pretty much the same as the 20% discount codes they offered earlier this month - at least with the 20% discount code, we still had the option to return if it didn't fit. Oh well, I'll spend my dollars elsewhere!!
  7. For anyone who is interested in the sale, I just ordered a shirtdress and a polo dress for my daughter. The total was $59.98 for items which would have totaled $167.50. I used the code freeship, and much to my surprise it worked for free shipping! I feel comfortable with her size in dresses, so this was a great deal for me.
  8. The sale they are having now isn't much different than the one they've been having all week.....just more advertising to pull you to the site.

    From what I remember, the real excitement starts on Christmas or the day after.... Many items have been pulled, which usually means they are going to go on sale soon.

    It has been my experience that if you receive a final sale item that you are not pleased with, you can call Customer Service to explain. They will usually allow you to return it, especially if it was online only and it doesn't fit.

    I agree that the prices are not low enough to be in the final sale/no returns category. And some of the items in the sale section are from the Summer clearance.
  9. The sale site is constantly changing. There were a few items that were there last night that no longer appear there.

    Does anyone know if the stores are having the same sale?
  10. I :heart: J. Crew really, but I'm so disappointed in the sale selection. Why are they selling summer clothes from earlier this year:confused1:. In August I purchased some of the capri sandles for $9.99, now they are going for $39.99:wtf:

    There are sales going on in the store right now. I was just at Pentagon city and the sale selection was over flowing with stuff.
  11. Hey I received an email this morning that they are having the 25% off only in stores starting today. It also doesn't say how long it"s going to last so it's probably only for today.
  12. I just bought a $300 coat for $208 online! :yahoo:Merry Christmas to me! Oh I typed in FREESHIP and got free shipping too. Happy Holidays all!
  13. I used the code CPSL and it took $25.00 off ($100+purchase)
  14. Yep, it works on any amount!!! :tup: