JCrew Moccasins

  1. Anyone have driving mocs from JCrew? What do you wear them with? These looked comfortable, and I do a lot of walking during the day...

  2. I had a tan pair a few years ago. I used to wear them all with jeans and Lacoste collared shirts. I do have to say that were not comfortable at first. They hurt!!!! The more I wore them the more comfortable they got, but they were never just the perfect comfort shoe IMO. But they were sooo cute so of course I dealt with the pain.
  3. I have a few pairs of the J Crew moc's, including this one, I find them very comfy from the start. These start hurting after many (5 or more) hours of walking on them. But I highly recommend them. Great with jeans, I wear them all the time.
  4. i just bought the jcrew york mocs recently and i LOVE them! so soft, the leather is beautifully soft and the entire moc is lined in leather. they are very comfortable and feel like slippers. i wear them with anything from jeans to sweatpants to skirts (then again, i tend to wear loafers as my staple shoe) i have always been impressed with the quality of jcrew shoes.
  5. When I think mocs, I think cropped pants. And the cute bright colored mocs from JC would be adorable with white cropped pants. JC is usually too narrow for my feet. :sad:
  6. I would never think to wear suede moc's with white cropped pants, somehow seems off to me.
  7. You're right! I didn't catch onto the fact they are suede. Suede and white pants won't work. But smooth leather and white cropped pants will, IMO.
  8. I love J. Crew mocs. Very comfy. I usually just wear mine with jeans.
  9. I have a pair and I love them~ I usually just wear them with jeans also
  10. I bought a pair a couple of years ago. They did hurt for a few weeks on the front of the shoes, where the flapy part meets the buckle, that triangle. Something about the length of the flap that did not agree with my toes. But after a few weeks of band-aids :smile:, they were fine and comfy. They did loose their shape, though, and now look very very wide. So somewhere in-between the band-aids and loosing the shape, they looked very chic and very comfy :smile: