jcrew just updated sale site

  1. for those of u that r still awake to care...
    jcrew.com sale website just updated added lots of stuff... they seem to always do this late at night.. just something i learned as a nightowl=)) theres extra 20% off right now. but cant find any freeship codes tho.
  2. Am still awake, so thanks for the GREAT tip. I will be taking advantage of that!
  3. Try NFS-HL3 for $4.95 shipping. I am about to order some goodies.
  4. Code works..just used it. Many, many thanks.
  5. I am so bummed. I had to be at work at 7 this morning. I went to JCrew.com and put a few items in my cart, and I checked at 9 and my items were sold out. Sure, I saved some money, but there were great summer staples to be had.
  6. I just ordered from their site. Got a lot of great items! I love JCrew. I even purchased those cute Wellie Socks in both colors. I ordered about 9 items total. Great deal!
    But I missed out on this code for the shipping! That's okay! I'll remember to check here first before ordering next time....lol.
  7. Thanks! Nice deal!
  8. are there any discounts for their full priced items? i have to buy a suit =(
  9. thanks for the info! i finally bit the bullet and ordered a bright pink halter dress, i hope it fits!
  10. :heart: their sales. Ordered a dress and two pairs of socks. But things flew off the site today!
  11. ^^ I was just taking my time ordering not realizing things would go so fast, so I missed out:girlsigh: Live and learn!:smile:
  12. Thanks for the Jcrew info! There was a number of classic things I needed to stock up on.
  13. Thanks for the post
  14. yay....just added more dresses for my closet! hehee and the code works!! :p
  15. Just put in a major order and your code still works, thank you! :smile: