Jcrew free shipping code?

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  1. Anyone has Jcrew free shipping code? TIA
  2. haha, i was actually just looking for one too, since they now have the 25% off sale items promotion. i guess you can try DC-449 for $20 off $100, but not sure if that still works. that's essentially like free shipping? sorta? i did hear the other pfers talk (in another thread) about how the day after xmas means severe discounts at jcrew stores (more so than just the 25% additional online), so maybe you can try to go to the store if you're close to one?
  3. Thanks for the reply.. I'm going to try the code, hope it works...
  4. the code DC-449 works!!! thanks!!!
  5. yay :wlae: you're very welcome!!
  6. I just used the DC440 code and it works. i think until dec 31st. Cashmere so cheap and I LOVE their cashmere.
  7. Thanks! I was able to finally get a black jacket for work.