JCrew Codes

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  1. Does anyone have a J-Crew code? There are some cute party dresses online that would be great for New Year's Eve!
  2. They just had a 25% off - but nothing has come to me recently - only free shipping if you spend over $175.00 let me know if u need that one!
  3. yeah lovekoobabags!!! may I have the code for free shipping? you've made my day!
  4. DEC-1219 eeck I believe 12/19 was the last date for free shipping
    I would try anyway - if not call tomorrow morning and say the coupon code wasn't working online last night! they'll honor it.
  5. DC-449 works for $20 off $100
  6. IF you can wait until the 26th i would because everything goes on sale after xmas. and new years BIG TIME.
  7. how are the deals on the 26th? and does the price drop get more drastic after new years? if so, how long after?
  8. ^^^ jcrew usually goes to 50% off on everything right after x-mas so they can bring in the spring lines

    cashmere can go up to 80% off

    does anyone know if they do price adjustments?
  9. oh yea i am gonna go there on the 26th :yes:
  10. i read their return/ exchange policy and i think it says that there are no price adjustments on purchases made that were already on a sale price. btw, is the 50% off additional to all sale prices as well? and is this only in store?
  11. the 50% off is usually already on top of whatever the lowest price is

    in-store almost always has better prices and selection than online esp. on cashmere. I forgot to mention their accessories also go on sale for about 50% off too. I remember last year I got a bunch of shoes for $29.99

    the great thing about instore too is you can ask a salesperson to call other stores for you. I'm in NYC and find I have to do this often

    boo about the price adjustment policy :sad: I guess I have to return and re-buy. A coat I bought full price last week @ $348 is now on sale @ $209:Push:
  12. If your coat was bought at full price, I think that qualifies for a price adjustment. and thanks for the sale info, harlem_cutie!
  13. I have BR and Jcrew gift cards to use. I guess I'm going to hold on to them until the 26th! Thanks everyone for the info!
  14. Yes, you can get price adjustments on regular sale items. Meaning as long as it wasn't a promotion, such as additional % off, you can get the adjustment. my SA called me today, I got about $680 worth of sweaters, shoes and stuff - holding the receipt for my Tuesday morning adjustment!
  15. Im not sure about Christmas-related 50%-off-lowest-price sales, but I know they have a 7 day price adjustment policy on regular and sale items. Seven days goes by pretty fast! Ive learned just buy the thing before its picked over. You can think about it at home rather than miss out alltogether!