Jcrew Blazer Sizes

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  1. I asked this before but am getting' worried' because I really want to order a grey double faced blazer that is beautiful!
    I've NEVER ordered from Jcrew so help-I am a size 12.Are they comparable to Banana Republic (which is the size i were there) or smaller?????
    HELP I am one hit away from ordering.Thanks
  2. Yes I would say they are somewhat comparable to BR in size, but usually slightly smaller. I usually wear the same size (esp for things that come in S M L) but sometimes when I wear a 4 in BR I wear a 4 in Jcrew, othertimes a 6 in Jcrew.
  3. Thanks ,anyone specifically have this doublefaced jacket-how did IT run???????
    THanks. HELP
  4. I find I need to size up in most of their jackets. Usually a 10 but I order a 12 and it is a little big but I get the sleeves altered. The three button styles are more fitted than the single button styles.
  5. going the same size as banana republic is a safe bet. i find that i'm almost always the same size at both places. love that jacket!!! (but i haven't tried it on)