JCrew and Loro Piana

  1. Does anyone know if there is any truth to Loro Piana factories making the JCrew cashmere now?:wondering
  2. Yes, this is very true! Loro Piana also does Ralph Lauren's cashmere.
  3. Have you worn the JCrew cashmere? What do you think - I love the price point and variety of colors.
  4. Are you sure? Are you just talking about Collection? Because my Ralph Lauren Black Label cashmere sweaters are all made in Hong Kong....
  5. I heard this somewhere as well...although the quality is different...

    I have worn J.Crew cashmere. My "issue" is that is "balls up" fairly quickly... Unsure of what my expectations should be given the reasonable price point...
  6. I bought the cashmere tee from JCrew a year ago, and loved it. when I was in US now, I checked them out again, as I wanted to get a few more, as the first purchase was comfy, the wool did not itch, etc.

    BUT ALAS! The quality is very much different from what it was a year ago, also they have changed the cut, so it is wide and weird shape. I passed, and was extremely dissappointed, it is not the same as before.
  7. ^^^I agree, I think the quality of J Crew cashmere has really suffered over the last few years. I have one sweater I got 3 years ago that's still absolutely gorgeous and one I bought last year that looks crummy after about 3 months of use. No more J Crew cashmere for me...I did get a Juicy cashmere sweater last year that I love though, a little more expensive but worth it!

    please read the 6th paragraph from the bottom
  9. I can't compare anything the Lora Piano! I mean they can't be the same quality because the prices are certainly different and you need to cut corners somewhere!!
  10. I agree! Just as other things have grades, cashmere by Loro Piana sold in Loro Piana shop is of a superior quality to Loro Piana-manufactured cashmere sold in JCrew or Ralph Lauren. You need to go and feel the Nuvola shawl in the Loro Piana shop and compare that to a Ralph Lauren cashmere shawl!
  11. I wasn't asking if they were comparable goods - I know that they aren't. I was just wondering if they were made in the same factory.
  12. Who DOES have the best quality cashmere? Which brands?
  13. Then what does it matter what factory its made if its not made with the same quality? Not being rude, just wondering??
  14. Its obvious that there is a huge price difference, and I do have Loro Piana cashmere. My reason for asking is because I heard someone mention it and before I felt it or considered purchasing a sweater I wanted to know if it was in fact produced with cashmere from the same factory. Not being rude, but I thought questions were meant to be asked. The article answered my question quite well though.