JCREW: 25% off sale in store / 20% online

  1. I just came back from the J.Crew at Rockefeller Center! There is an additional 25% off sale items. I purchased a pair of trousers that originally retailed for $138 for just $37.49!! Sale selection didn't seem that great but you never know what you might find in the racks! There is also 20% off sale on their website.

  2. Use "Freeship" for, what else...free shipping.
  3. is anyone else having trouble checking out at jcrew.com? every time i "proceed to checkout" the screen goes blank....
  4. Not as of early this morning and again about an hour ago...

    btw, if they don't have the item online call j.crew's customer service to try - they found me a petite wool-cashmere Emily coat in a size not listed as available online, and I got the same discount and free shipping.
  5. Excellent point! It's ALWAYS worth calling customer service at J. Crew--even if the item is listed as sold out, often there are 1 or 2 left, and a phone call will snag 'em! A CS rep once explained to me that when an item approaches very low quantities, it's no longer available to purchase online, even if there are a couple left. Guess J. Crew doesn't like sending out those 'due to popular demand' order cancellation notices that we l-o-v-e so much . . !
  6. Right Gucci, NM, and Saks need to take some pointers from J.Crew on how to properly display inventory!!!
  7. The J.Crew I went to last week was doing add't 40% off... So I guess it differs from store to store.
  8. wow, additional 40% off!!! The store at the Grove in Los Angeles/Bev Hills area had additional 25% off starting today.... they didn't have the best selection of stuff... but they had really cute pj bottoms for $7.50.

    I bought a cashmere black cardigan with rhinestone buttons for $22.49!!!
  9. I asked in store, and they said they would take back sale items... I know online doesn't do this... is this a mistake or is it possible that online and in store are independent from one another?
  10. ^^ Stores take back sale items but never FINAL sale from the website.

    Stopped by again today and got a really cute strapless dress for $37 from $118!! It didn't look so great on the rack but I figure I'd try it on anyway. I love it :smile:
  11. I need another freeshipping coupon... I've googled and everything...zip.
  12. oh man i bought the same cardigan with rhinestone buttons for like 40. i should have waited. LOL. i went to jcrew thursday but didn't see anything good. i'm going to try the bigger one by me today i think.
  13. I returned final sale to a store without problem or question.
  14. thank you