JC vs CL: Battle of the Boots

  1. Okay ladies! Are these boots different enough to justify keeping both? ;)
    Jimmy Choos:

    Christian Louboutins:

    Actually, to be honest, the Choos have already been zip-soled so they're staying. The questions is should I keep the Louboutins too?:heart:
  2. but for the red sole, they look practically identical to me!
  3. Both pairs are gorgeous, but I don't see a need to keep both, they are very similar. I would keep whichever is more comfortable.
  4. Too similar -- I like the choos!
  5. I like the choos since I prefer rounder toed boots.
  6. Honestly (and I say this as an extreme loyalist to CL), that particular pair of CL boots isn't really worth the money. If you like style get the Jimmy Choo version -- Peony (90mm), Orchid (100mm), etc.....cheaper than CL by around $500 or so and likely better quality too. IMO the best boots CL makes are the Bourge and Garibaldi Zeppa; many of the other CL boot styles just aren't all that for the $1,300+ price tag.
  7. ^^I agree with Foxy, I am not particularly fond of this CL style. They look great on you but I don't see anything anything spectacular about them. The JC are much more interesting because of that gold detail on the heel. Congrats! They look great on you.
    Foxy, I agree about the Bourge...those are absolutely the best CL boots I've seen. I am so glad that CL released them again this fall, I missed out last season so I will definetly be picking up this season.
  8. They look too similar to me to keep both maybe in a different color. I would return the CL
  9. as much as i love CL shoes, i have to say that JC makes the best boots out of all the top notch designers-comfortable, yet very stylish. i say return the CL :smile:
  10. Love the JC's!!! I say return the CL's...especially since the red sole is on other brands as well now.
  11. The Choos look like a better fit on you. The CL's are nice, but comparatively, not as nice as the Choos.
  12. I love both of them, but they are similar. Since you are keeping the Choo's, I would only keep the CL's if you wear black boots alot. They CL's have the pointier toe so are edgier. If you wear boots alot having both pairs will allow you to switch them so you don't wear them out. Now, I must say I am a bit green with envy since my calves are too big to wear either boot. :smile: Enjoy them!
  13. I have similar choos (I have the kidskins) and I almost bought the CLs but I couldn't justify the cost when I actually think the JCs are more comfortable and classic. I love the CL but I don't think the price difference is worth it anymore.

  14. :yes::yes:
  15. I like the CL's best, but I do like them both. Guess that's not much help.