JC Stone Ramona Arrived Today...Hmmm...

  1. JC Ramona in stone arrived today from London... Hmmm...trying to decide if she will become a permanent member of my JC Ramona sisterhood... I have the Ramona in black and chocolate as well... She is my "bag of the season"... Hmmm...now asking myself if I need a light-medium colored bag as those in my current rotation are dark...or is my Ramona satisfaction fulfilled by my black and chocolate sisters...
    Stone Ramona 001.jpg Stone Ramona 004.jpg
  2. I think having a light colored bag is a great addition to your collection. If not, I'm sure there are plenty of people here that are willing to take it off your hands :biggrin:
  4. Can you post pics of the inside of the bag please. What kind of pockets are in there?
  5. Stone Ramona is stuffed with her original tissue...so will post interior pics of her chocolate sister...

    Ramona has four interior pockets...one back zipper pocket, two side snap pockets, and one front open pocket. :biggrin:
    Stone Ramona 005.jpg Stone Ramona 006.jpg Stone Ramona 007.jpg Stone Ramona 008.jpg
  6. I absolutely love that color! It really shows of the details of the bag! That may be my favorite color yet!

  7. Yes Yes Yes! .......you do need a light-medium colored bag! Another Ramona is not a bad idea, especially for spring. The bag is the type of color that can be used year round too. ;)
  8. keep it!! It's beautiful, congratulations!!
  9. OOhhh Socal, it's dreamyl!....I think we are amongst the few who own more than one of these gorgeous bags! Thanks to you, posting those beautiful pics of the JC bags.... I'm now an owner of a black one and will be getting the navy tomorrow! :nuts: :love:
  10. I think you should keep it. I love it!! Do you mind me asking how much it was?
  11. Yeah! I love my Ramona bags! :love: The stone was a "score" as they seem to be sold out in the US. Post pics of your navy when it comes in!
  12. Thank you! The Ramona is $1850 in the US. I saved a few dollars on the stone Ramona as she was shipped from London...approximate cost was $1750.
  13. 0o0o0o, what a nice colour!!!!!!! i think you should keep it! im sure the colour will work well with your summer wardrobe :smile:
  14. Hmm, SoCal.. I think I may be the only one not liking it in this colour. I love, love, love your chocolate one. And the black is beautiful too for this style of bag but the stone.. it's not doing anything for me. And I hope you don't take offense, but the colour kinda looks a bit bland and geriatric. *ducks for cover*
  15. I say keep. Gorgeous!