JC Shopping in ST. Louis?

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  1. Hey Gang,:yahoo:

    Me and Colette are in St. Louis right now for our 7th wedding anniversary!:heart:
    And are actually going to go and see Jimmy CHoo's in a store for the first time!:graucho:
    They don't sell them in Kansas!:cursing:
    Any ways we are going to Sak's, NM, and Nordies.
    If any of you know of any more places let us know!:tup:
    Maybe we wll find some good deals who knows!
    We will be here till Monday.
    Any other Ideas of what to do and see here are welcome.
    I have a friend here that does Radio comericals so were going to meet up with him and his wife tonight.

    Love you all!:heart:
    Matt & Colette:love:
  2. Congratulations Matt and Colette!! :drinkup:I hope you both have a wonderful time in St. Louis.

    Never been to St. Louis so I can't help you there, but have fun shopping!!
  3. Thanks lionlaw!:flowers:

    Well we final got to see a whole bunch of CHoo's at once!
    NM was the only store that had Handbags and they had lots!
    Colette loved them all!:heart:
    Her favorite was the white Saba!
    BTW they had a turquoise Mahala and red Mahala that she loved just as much!
    Also a navy Dumbo XL Ramona got a honorable liking!

    Nordies was a Bust here!:sad:

    Sak's has Choo shoes but no bags.
    And yes Colette tried on and drooled and tried on and drooled....:drool:
    She real liked these:

    Oh and yes then there was the Tiffany's Store! Oh My!
    And you all said Choo's are expensive!
    So any ways what to do........

    Go out and have dinner with some friends!
    Then go shop for Basses tomorrow!
    (Hey I get to look at some of my toys also!)
    Ok and maybe A New CHoo or some CHoo Shoes!
    We are having a Blast!

    Love you all!:heart:
    Matt & Colette:love:

  4. Glad you are having a wonderful time! Happy Anniversary.

    Interesting to know that NM has the turq and poppy Mahala. I though only the boutiques got those colors.

    Hey - the seventh anniversary is the anniversary of luxury leather goods, isn't it?
  5. Post pics of the loot when you both get back! Glad you are having a great time:drinkup:
  6. We're home!:yahoo:

    But pictures have to wait because::shrugs:

    1) Colette went to her mom's to pick up Shadow! (our dog):tup:

    2) Then were going out to eat since today is really our Anniversay!:love:

    3) I love suspense, don't you?:P

    And the answer is .....

    All 3!:roflmfao:

  7. :heart: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MATT & COLETTE!!!:heart:
  8. Welcome back! My dog is named Shadow too. Is yours black?

    Hope you came home with lots of goodies, and maybe a bag or two for Colette:graucho: