JC Outlet!!!

  1. I dicovered from another thread that there is a Jimmy Choo outlet in the Woodbury Common outlets! I got their # form the website (845) 928-2324 but it's too late to call! Has anyone been there? I'm going to be in NYC in a couple of weeks - is it worth a trip?
  2. I think it would be worth the trip. I've never been there, but there are tons of shops! There is a bus that leaves Manahattan everyday, bound for the outlets.
  3. Thanks! I've actually been to Woodbury but before the JC store opened. I think I'll call them tomorrow and see what they have
  4. It's very hit or miss at J. Choo outlet, but I never leave Woodbury empty handed!! I got a Choo wallet there for 50% off, but still that's not much of a better deal than the Choo sales.
  5. There is a JC store at San Marcos outlet. I just found out that it was only open for a test run and will be closing this month. Everything in the store is 50% off the outlet price, and 60% off if you buy two or more items. There are $25 and $50 shoes available. And they will ship. Here is the number: 512-392-2020.
  6. Thank you!!! I am hoping in the car right now!
  7. It is very hit or miss. I've been there twice and nothing really floated my boat. They also have a Chanel outlet which I never found anything there either. It is about 90 minutes outside of Manhattan. Plan to spend the day. It is an outside outlet, so its best not to go when it is too cold out and wear comfortable shoes.