JC Outlet at Woodbury Commons

  1. Has anyone been to the JC outlet? I'm curious if they carry bags. Also do they e-mail pics? Thanks!
  2. i didn't even know there was a JC outlet out there!! i might have to make a trip up there next weekend.
  3. I was there in June shortly after they opened. They had a few bags. Most were metallic and rabbit fur. The shoe prices weren't that great even though they are an outlet. I've found better deals at dept store sales.

    Don't know about them emailing photos.
  4. I was there in July and they had a very limited selection of bags. Prices were mostly 20%-30% off, so not that great expecially vs. the 50% off sale in the boutiques and on-line. I ended up purchasing a small gold mesh Unity wallet for about $220 vs. retail of $430. Worth checking out if you are at Woodbury anyway.
  5. they don't really have much at the outlet. I got an eel blue carina last year from the outlet. it is quite a rare bag. Other than that, I didn't see anything that caught my eye
  6. Ha! I didn't know they were there. I'll have to check that out soon
  7. The Choo at Woodbury Commons is hit or miss. I got a fabulous pair of ostrich pumps for about 30% off as well as a metallicy bag that was great for the summer. I always find things there! Go and check it out!