JC Newbie, what I got from Vegas

  1. Shopped at the JC boutique at the Venetian in Las Vegas and I got me these which are on sale for 50% off.

    Thelma clutch and gold slides

    Inside the Thelma
    Back of Thelma
    JC Shoes... wore them once during a night out in Vegas
    JC Thelma and Shoes.JPG JC Thelma open.JPG JC Thelma back.JPG JC Shoes.JPG
  2. Im so :drool: over the Thelma - I :heart: this clutch!! LUCKY:tup: - I was thinking in getting one (my first clutch) but in black!!! can you fit keys, cell, cosmetic bag in her finely?
  3. Yup, this clutch is big! I have to be careful with the leather though, it looks too porous and this oat color will catch all the dirt. There are other bags there but this is the one that really caught my eye, I didn't bother looking at the others. Now reading at this forum makes me think I should have checked out the others. They are mostly big totes though. My friend and I bought the same clutch.
    After reading through this forum, I now remember there is a big white clutch just like what I saw Victoria Beckham was carrying in the pics.
  4. Oooooh!!!! :tup:

    I love me some 50% off :yahoo:
  5. I have the same shoes!!!
  6. :tup: how do you like them? my feet suffered after a few hours wearing them, but i just love this style. do you have a problem of the stones coming off?
  7. Those were some great deals that you got in Vegas! That's like walking away a winner from gambling. I love both of your purchases. Enjoy!
  8. Loooove them both!!! Congrats!! :tup:
  9. Congratulations! The oat color is sooo pretty and I love the green stones on the mules.
  10. LOve them! congrats!
    may is ask you how much your clutch was? Do they have any other colors?:graucho:
  11. Are their two JC boutiques - one at the Venetian? and one at Ceasars?
    if so, I'll have to check out both and see what they have on sale :smile:
  12. Yes there are boutiques in both malls. The one in the venitian had lots of shoes on sale and at least 10 bags.
  13. The clutch was $645. This is the only color.
  14. Gorgeous bags and shoes:nuts:

    Congratulations and I am sure you will find yourself adding to your collection soon. One bag leads to another and another and another......

  15. yup no sale at the caesars store. the one at the venetian i heard is the only one that gets the discounted stuff. yes lots of shoes :drool:. the shoes i got was $380.