JC newbie..questions about Riki

  1. This is my first post in the JC forum...usually on Chanel but have always been fond of the look of the Riki/Ramona although the Riki is more my size. I have a few questions since I'm not well versed in JC bags.

    First off, how durable is the leather? Does it scratch easily? Also how easy is it to get in and out of? Does it fit nicely under shoulder? I'm petite btw.

    If I just wanted a plain black leather Riki, where can I find it besides the JC website? Do places like Saks, NM, or BG carry them or would the be able to track one down rather easily?

    What color is the hardware? Silver or gold? And do these go on sale at all????

    Thx a million and sorry for the 20 questions! I'm counting on your JC expertise! :shame:

  2. Yeah Alouette Welcome to the JC forum:flowers:

    Here are the answers to your questions:
    The leather is extremely durable and I have no difficulties with scratches on any of my JC bags. I for one am not the most graceful and because I wear a couple of rings which stick up pretty high, I am amazed I have not put any scratches on my bags, especially getting in and out of them.

    The Riki/Ramona/Radiant/Rock and a few others are styles which have a strap the attaches to a locking closure. I find (as many of the other members do) that is is easiest to let the strap hang inside the bag during daily use. When you are out somewhere (restaurant) and the bag is not on you shoulder or arm, some find it best to lock the strap to ensure the possibility of someone walking by an reaching into the bag. (I do this)
    Plain black might be a little more difficult to come by right now, but there are many options. There is a black Riki with distressed leather and watersnake trim still in various department stores and possible on sale. There are also one on the JC website right now in the traditional classic black leather, but I can't say for sure if they carry this on a regular basis. If you would like to call my SA, she is Wonderful (Casey 312-255-1170)and can answer your questions in regards to how difficult it might be to find the Riki in black leather locally. If you do not live in a state w/ a JC Boutique, then there is no tax! So far, the Riki/Ramona bags are with the gold hardware. The boutiques have a couple of good sales a year (June & Dec) and the Dept stores will often reduce the bags more often, but are less likely to carry the classics.


    I hope I helped, but feel free to ask any additional questions! We're all here to help:yes:
  3. Good job Robynbenz!
    Alouette, I have a riki and it does fit nicely on the shoulder. It is the perfect size bag in my opinion...not too big. It is recognizable without screaming out to everyone "I'm carrying a designer bag!" As Robynbenz said, this bag in black may be hard to find now, your best bet is to get hold of her SA Casey, she is great!:choochoo::choochoo:
  4. :flowers::flowers::flowers:

    You guys are the best and the most helpful! Thx so much for all the info! I don't believe I have a JC boutique in my state so yeah on saving tax!!! :tup:

    I was thinking that the black leather was probably a classic and most likely not on sale. Same goes for the classic Chanel bags as well. After looking at everyone's wonderful pics in the ref library, I'm liking this style more and more (as if I didn't already!). I think it's a great classic and understated bag. Just like jmcadon said, I want a bag that doesn't scream "look at me!" Yet the people who are "in the know" what kind of bag it is. I like that about bags sometimes. The less logos the better. I love my CC's on my Chanel bags but as long as they're small or blend into the leather...:smile:.

    I'm going to most likely call Casey then and see what she can do for me to track one down. I'll keep ya posted!! Thx so much!

    Oh, one more question...should my bag need repair in the future, do I send it to a JC boutique and do they repair for free in the first year? If not, how much would I have to pay? Any problems with the metal rings/grommets/whatever they're called coming loose???? :confused1: That just so happens to be one of my pet peeves with bags!
  5. I am not familiar with the warranty for various issues (luckily I have not had to deal with any problems on my bags) but I do know if you purchase through a boutique, they are much more willing to assist with these as long as you keep your receipt. I am sure Casey can address this for you and she does work most Sundays. Good luck and feel free to ask any other questions you can think of:yes:
  6. alouette -- I have the Riki in black calfskin and love it!! I bought it last December, so I have had it over a year -- it is probably my most used bag, but has shown very little wear and tear. I'm suprised it has worn so well because the leather is so soft and lovely. I got mine from Saks for $1600, but I'm not sure if Saks still carries it. As Robyn mention it is available on the Choo web site in both black and brown. I have not seen the black on sale, but you could luck out. I think the quality of the Choo bags is great -- I don't know the repair policy, but I have never had an issue with a Choo bag. Both Choo and Chanel are my favorites.
  7. I'm petite and I have a black Riki and I think it's the perfect size for me. It has gold hardware but it's not a bright gold, sort of low key. I think I might have a couple sort of scratches in the leather but overall it holds up well. Like jayjay77 it is my most used bag. I am not one to worry about putting my bag on the floor or whatever either. I usually do like Robynbenz said and leave it unhooked and let the strap hang inside. Then if I go out somewhere I'll hook it.
  8. I too am a huge fan of the Riki and have found it to hold up extremely well! :tup:

    I have both the burgundy biker and the navy wet look Riki and they both still look brand spankin' new even with normal use.

    As much as I try, I just can't/don't baby my bags...I use them, and all of my JC bags have held up above and beyond the call of designer handbag duty! I have 2 Rikis, 2 Rings and a Ramona....and still not a scratch on the bunch! And that is even with taking my beloved Choos with me in my DH's Jeep Grand Cherokee that I can only assume he is waiting for "Off Road" magazine to come and photograph inside and out for a future feature issue! :upsidedown: But since there is zero chance he'll get into my VW Bug converible...ah well, this is the price I pay! :smile:
  9. ^^^lol!!!! So funny!!!! Thanks everyone for your insight. It really helped me make a decision..and my decision was.................I ORDERED THE RIKI!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    I wound up getting it through my local Saks so I could work with my regular SA. It should arrive w/in 7-10 days and I can hardly stand it!!! I'm not really well versed on the difference betw biker leather and regular leather but I think I'm a regular leather kind of gal..hehe.

    I read in another post that biker leather might be a little more casual than the regular leather so hopefully I made the right choice.

    I'll post pics when the Riki arrives! Thx again for everyone's expertise on this subforum! I know I could count on you guys!!! :flowers: