JC navy suede

  1. Which style is hotter? The Alex or Adele.

    I think they're both the same size.

  2. My vote is for Alex - she looks amazing in blue suede!
  3. ^^ :yes: The Alex is just sooo pretty!!!! :rolleyes::love::girlsigh:
  4. WOW, the blue suede Alex is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    (That color makes me take a second look at the Alex bag after all...)

  5. Love2travel

    I would go with the Navy Alex:choochoo: It is gorgeous:drool:

    I agree with Cosmo the color "makes" the bag worth a second look!

    Here are the dimensions of the bags and I would have thought the Alex was much larger than the Adele.

    Alex: L14 x H12 x W5

    Adele: L13 x H11 x W4

    Be sure to let us know which you decide and post photos:biggrin:
  6. I agree....the ALEX! Such a pretty bag! I hope you get it, I've been dying to see what the bag looks like IRL rather than a stock photo! :yes:

  7. Me too, I paid no attention until I saw the blue--it really compliments the style!

    Robbie, Thanks for the measurements. :p Actually, they're both alot smaller than I'd hoped. lol I like my bags big, and my clothes small. :roflmfao: But Im sure they're size appropriate, maybe thats a sign its time for a "medium" bag.

    I will surely wait for sales, I cant afford two grand. I'll be all over those SA's during the presale, I have a couple I can call.
  8. To tell the truth, the Alex is the one bag I hought looked better in the pics. It has a metal piece that goes around the bag along the sides that can't be seen in the pics that I just did not like. Great color tho, that Navy suede is stunning!
  9. I've seen photos of the bag with that metal frame piece showing and I did wonder about that, how it would look IRL. :wondering
  10. Based on these pictures, I like the Alex more, but I've seen that bag IRL.
  11. Yeah, so maybe the Adele is better. I do like the flap.
  12. I love the Alex - I saw it in brown at a JC boutique a few weeks ago, and thought it looked really nice...but the blue is TDF!
  13. They are both fabulous.