JC - Name that Bag!

  1. I went Christmas shopping to London Dec 05. I ended up in Selfridges and bought myself a Christmas Pressie. At the time, names and seasons did not mean a dot to me, so I have no idea the name of the bag on the left.
    Jimmy Choo.jpg
  2. Sorry riffraff:shrugs: , I looked in my catalog to see if they kept the same names on the Spring Summer bags and there are a couple, but not your exact bags. They are gorgeous bags though and I haven't been to London for a couple of years, but is Selfridge's a Department store in the UK? Are the prices good? I am hoping to get to Europe this Summer and will be sure to be on the lookout for a Jimmy :choochoo: bag.
  3. I believe it's from the Tulita collection, maybe the Tulita hobo line. I've kept several of my older catalogs, when I get a chance, I'll see if it's in one.