JC Malena bag

  1. what do you guys think of it?? i want a black leather bag, so i orginally thought of the black watersnake trim ramona or the copper suede ramona, then i found this one. it's a nice bag, but i have to choose between this and this other D&G clutch i was looking at. I only want one black leather bag, so i'm really confused. so do u think i should get the black malena and the suede copper ramona and forget about the D&G( sorry no pics cuz i cant find one. it's gold and rectangled shaped. i need an evening bag) or the black malena and also the black watersnake trim ramona( i wanted snake trim) and still forget about the D&G or........................ i dont know :s:sad: i am super confused.

    what do u girls think?
  2. I have the cognac suede/leather Large malena and love it. It is a very classy satchel. It is more structured than the ramonas/mahalas. I use it as a briefcase sometimes for work.

    If I could only get one, though, I would go for the more classic ramona. It is just a super slouchy bag that goes with anything. Just my two cents.
  3. yeah but i wouldnt mind getting both :smile: just which two
  4. is there no one to help me? :sad:
  5. Or enable you? jburgh to the rescue....:graucho:

    The Malena comes in two sizes. I have the smaller of the two, in black calf with gunmetal colored hardware. It very much has the look of a framed satchel because it is more structured. I've always liked the framed satchel look and that is one thing that attracted me to the Malena. Now, IMHO, it looks a little more formal and because it is zippered, it requires a little more effort to enter.

    The Ramona/Riki has more of a casual look, depending on the type of leather. It has little structure, but the belted detail gives it more interest. Inside there are open pockets all the way around, and a large internal compartment. Some gals feel this is like a black hole (You don't really know what a black hole bag is like until you've carried a Fendi Spy), but I don't. I have a small cosmetic bag inside, so I'm not digging around. I really like my Ramonas and often use them.

    Ahh, but my personal choice for an great all around Choo bag in black would be the biker leather Ring with the watersnake trim. Design wise...on the practicality side...this for me is right on! The Ring has these great pockets on the outside. In one, I carry my phone, in the other my keys. Lets face it, what do you need to find fast? For me it is keys or phone. Then, the inside is big enough for the rest...wallet, cosmetic bag, business card holder, pens, little note pad, etc. The strap is ample for hanging on your shoulder over a coat. And if you need to, you can adjust it to wear the Ring cross body.

    So, there is a bag for everyone. What are your needs for this black bag? Are you small, medium or big? Do you want a shoulder bag or one for the crook in your arm? Are you in a big, dangerous city and worry about pickpockets? Etc., etc.....
  6. ^^ OMG, reading this description makes me want a ring bag now. You should be on commission with Choo!! :p:p
  7. I don't like having to fish around in a bag looking for things so the Maddy is perfect for me. It has a nice wide opening at the top and is not too deep. I just wish the handle was a little longer...it is OK most of the time, but when wearing a heavier jacket or coat it must be carried by hand. I have it in bronze and Turquoise.

    I also have recently fallen in love again with my Radiant. It too has a nice wide opening and is not as deep as some of the other Choos. I have it in burgundy Biker leather and with the shiny gold hardware, it looks so rich...
  8. I know - Jburgh's the uncommissioned Spokesperson of JC! :tup: Or is she?? :graucho:
  9. My two cents - I am attracted to the Malena because of the structure as Jburgh described. I have a Ramona (XL) - which I enjoy the pockets and the belts as well. I don't have a Ring (yet), so I'm not too familiar with it.
    Again, see what your priorities are. Arm vs shoulder? Casual or dressier?
    The biker leather is more matte versus the Shiny Calf on the Malena. Biker is a lighter leather than Calf on the Malena with its hardware. How are you in maintenance? Biker is less maintenance than Calf. It shows less scratches too. So, list your criteria and take it from there. Once you know what results you want, we can help you get there. :tup:
  10. ^^^, ^^, and ^:

    Well, lionlaw, you should check out the Ring. I like a good mix of style and functionality in bags. I guess that is why I like it so much.

    jmcadon, oh yes the Radiant! That zippered center pocket is great for the city...to keep things safe. It is the bag I took to Chicago. And the squishy handles really feel very good.

    No, abilicious, I don't work for Choo. I'm afraid I don't fit the physical ideal Choo would want in a SA. But if they ever change their standards, I would apply at the new Seattle area Choo, if and when it comes here. Perhaps part time???
  11. Jburgh,
    Jimmy CHoo would be all to lucky to have you work for them!:tup::yahoo:

    :p:pAnd YES, you are QUITE the ENABLER!:p:p

  12. Oh darlin' you would be perrrfectttt for any Choo store. You know it by :heart:!
  13. aw, thanks you guys. :biggrin: :heart:
  14. Jburgh... so glad to see you're carrying our Stinker's torch for the Black Biker Ring Hobo!!! :love: Brilliant description... Bravo! And to the OP... I totally second Jburgh's recommendation! I have this very bag and it's my ultimate fave! :heart: The lightweight leather's got an edgy/worn/casual look to it, but coupled with the shiny watersnake trim on the belts and neutral hardware... now you've got a classy bag as well! :tup: