Jc Madison - Friday Handbag Sale - 25% Discount - Today Only

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  2. mochiblure...this is hysterical...you and I posted the same sale at exactly the same time!!! Guess that shows we have the same thought pattern!! Funny! Have you purchased from them before? I am soooo tempted by the Botkier cherry Bianca, but I'm trying to put myself on a purse ban for a month or so.
  3. I was hoping to find a Gustto Baca that I liked but they only have two...a Big Baca in black and a funky lizard looking bag. Thanks for posting, though.
  4. I have two Baca bags, but the only one that I have carried is the large in light cognac. The second one is sooo light that I am a bit nervous about getting it soiled.
    Would love to have another in charcoal, olive, or navy....and I also want a Setela! I like your taste in bags!!
    The baca is so similar in size and shape(IMO) to my Mike & Chris Berkeley bags which I also adore.
  5. BTW ciatta...I'm assuming your avatar is of your pet. Just a guess, but is he/she a Desert Lynx?