JC LookBook S/S08.

  1. I scanned the whole Lookbook. Strangely enough, I enjoyed doing it!

    Enjoy ladies :smile:
    frontcoverr.jpg p.01.jpg p.02.jpg p.03v.jpg p.04.jpg
  2. more
    p.05.jpg p.06.jpg p.07.jpg p.08.jpg p.09.jpg
  3. and more
    p.10.jpg p.11.jpg p.12.jpg p.13.jpg p.14.jpg
  4. Thanks a lot, mimi! That is very nice of you. I am really liking the snake sandals in the 4th picture, I must check them out at the store!
  5. .....
    p.15.jpg p.16.jpg p.17.jpg
  6. and now to the Shoes!
    p.18.jpg p.19.jpg p.20.jpg p.21.jpg p.22.jpg
  7. and more shoes....
    p.23.jpg p.24.jpg p.25.jpg p.26.jpg p.27.jpg
  8. one more from the shoe section
  9. Now to the Bags!
    p.29.jpg p.30.jpg p.31.jpg p.32.jpg p.33.jpg
  10. more bags
    p.34.jpg p.35.jpg p.36.jpg p.37.jpg p.38.jpg
  11. and more bags...
    p.39.jpg p.40.jpg p.41.jpg p.42.jpg p.43.jpg
  12. This is the last one! Small leather goods..
    p.44.jpg p.45.jpg p.46.jpg
  13. and that is it. That is all :smile:
  14. Mimi23, thanks so much for doing this. :flowers: Very sweet of you!

    I'll take one of these, lol...
  15. Oh Mimi!!! :girlsigh: Thank you for the effort!