JC ivy slingbacks


Jan 20, 2018
Hi Everyone :wave:

I hope everyone is keeping well :smile:
I recently ordered the ivy slingbacks in the 85mm heel height in a size 39.5 which is my usual size for Jimmy Choo. But this is my first experience with slingbscks, how should they fit on the heel? I'm not too sure if they're too small, they fit perfectly on the toe but I'm concerned my heel is hanging over too much and if I should exchange for size 40 but worried these will slip. I've attached photos below, and any advice


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Oct 9, 2016
Congrats on your new pair, very classic and versatile color!
Do you feel tight at the toebox or the slingbacks digging into your feet? If not, I think they look perfect on you, I don't think your heels hang over at all.

I haven't owned any JC slingbacks heels (only Chanel, Manolo Blahnik and Dior) and in my experience, going big makes the slings slide down (which annoy me haha). I have medium width feet though.