JC Disco shoes sizing?

  1. Hey all,

    I am thinking of ordering JC shoes (Disco) online and not too sure about the sizing. JC can generally be inconsistent so I wanted to know if I should go up half a size or does it run True to size.

    Thank you
  2. I don't own any Choos that are that high, so I'm not sure. I will say I've been pretty lucky with my actual shoe size with Choo boots and flats and lower heels though. Have them do a measurement of the footbed for you and then measure a pair of your shoe that fit. Those are very nice shoes!
  3. I was eyeing those shoes yesterday, they're so beautiful. You're right, the sizing is inconsistent, my Choos range from 37,5 to 39. Follow Jmcadon's advice.
  4. I have 4 pairs of Choos...all are flats. 3 are 38.5, and the 4th is a 39. I usually wear an 8.5 to 9, but find the Choos fit me better in a 38.5. I cannot wear heels (post knee surgery), but when I did, I seemed to wear 9s most of the time. My foot is average width.
  5. I too have found the shoes to be all over the board :cursing:

    Black Prince Boots: 5.5
    Kilts: 6
    Kats: 6
    Also, a pair of flat loafers are 6's, but I tried 3 sizes in the Wilton flats and 6.5 was too small and a couple of other pumps were 5's
    I wish they were a little more consistent with their sizing since they don't have boutiques all over the US to allow you to try on various styles:push:
  6. thanks peeps. I will definitely ask them to measure it for me
  7. Wow, I guess I am lucky with the shoes. I must be the exception, not having had a sizing problem. Looks like there could be as much as a 1.5 size difference.
  8. In a closed toe I'm a 39, in an ankle boot 38 and in a sling back I'm 38.5. If I was ordering them online I would go for my closed toe size.