JC charms - too chunky?

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  1. I have been a JC fan for the longest time, have got a stash of their clasp bracelets, earrings and necklaces, except for one thing - their charms!

    Most of the charms look so adorable and exquisite I totally adore them, however the real thing is often much more chunky that I expected (for instance, the cinderella carriage one). How do you girls carry it off? I only possess one charm to date , which is the rose bouquet (2009 V day collection). While it isn't as chunky as many, it hangs pretty low on my JC Bracelet which kind of disturbs me.

    Would be good if you could posts pictures of your bracelets filled with charms and how you wear it off! Thanks!
  2. Hi Felicityy,
    There's a thread below on how everyone wears their charms with lots of photos.
    I think most people agree that the charms are a little big to wear on a bracelet all the time, so they wear them on chains, the JC charm catcher, or on their bags.
  3. Agreed. Most of us use them as bag charms, or on a necklace rather than the bracelets.
  4. I'm new to the charms, but I mostly only buy the ones I'll be able to wear as a necklace. I just think I would completely destroy them if I tried to wear them on my wrist. :smile:
  5. I dont think their chams are chunky
  6. Their charm looks so pretty, but I never wear it on my bracelet, I am wearing on my necklage and bag charm... that's it.