JC Bride Tracksuit

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  1. At one time, was there a bridal tracksuit? I am not sure if I am confusing this with another brand but I thought there was...

    I am having a difficult time finding it on the web. Anyone have a photo or link?
  2. Im not sure about the juicy but i know Victorias secret has a bride track suit
  3. It probably has to be custom made, I know Khloe Kardashian had one which i'm sure costed a fortune...that's all i've seen! Good luck!
  4. I just wore a white one. You could do the same with a cute tank underneath in your wedding color that says "bride" (or whatever you like) across the chest and have the track jacket zipped down to reveal the lettering.

    Victorias Secret has a whole bunch of Bride stuff online :smile:
  5. i'm interested in this also. where can i go in the NYC/NJ area to get a personalized Juicy tracksuit embroidered with "Mrs. So & So" like Jessica Simpson/Khloe Kardashian? Will the Juicy store do it for me?
  6. The Juicy website offers embroidery on their tracksuits. I'm sure they would do it if you contacted them.