JC boutiques in NYC

  1. Ummmm so I bought my Ramona from the JC boutique in east midtown (around Mad & 51) awhile back and wasn't super thrilled with that boutique. The salesgirls were pretty high-pressure and the store itself was uncomfortably hot and so I really just wanted to get my bag and beat a hasty retreat. So this weekend I went to the boutique on the upper east side (around 70-something & Mad) and the sales girls were BEYOND high pressure. I couldn't even look at a shoe for too long before the girl would start talking about how I should buy it and start bringing over similar styles, and I was kind of too irritated to even pick any of them up, much less try any on. The whole experience was AWFUL, WAY WAY beyond anything I've ever experienced in a store before. (Interestingly, I went to Christian Louboutin right afterward and had this lovely, wonderful, completely laid-back shopping experience.) Anyway, I really like JC so if anyone knows of a boutique in or around NYC (I have a car, so nearby is good enough for me) that isn't so high-pressure I would really like to hear about it. OR, if you have a favorite salesgirl at one of the NYC JC boutiques that you can recommend who is more chill, PLEASE give me her name!!
  2. talillady -- I have had some similar issues recently. I went to the 5th Ave and 51st store because its close to my office and got a lot of sales pressure. I wanted to see if they had the Aubergine Mahala in stock (and they don't) and they kept trying to convice me to buy patent instead. In fact at first they kept telling me that there was no such thing as the Aubergine Mahala. That store is soooo small too, very claustrophobic.

    In the past I have gone to the store on Madison and liked it better. I have dealt with Izra.

    I think maybe they are just stressed out because of the big sale going on. I look forward to see if anyone else has SA recommendations.
  3. I hate pressure like that.
    Its not like you're paying 50.00 for a bag either - its a little investment and its important to really get exactly what you want.
    I bet someone here can help find someone who you're more comfortable with :smile:
  4. Unfortunately I don't know anyone in NY. BUT - if all else fails and as a last resort, I can not believe how good the two SA's that I have worked with in Atlanta have been to me. They have willingly sent out on approval to me two different styles of bags.... and then after I bought the one and then decided I should have it in a smaller size - didn't even hesitate to tell me they could send me the smaller one just for me to look at and make up my mind. I just recently got a mahala, and they didn't even question sending to me this brand new bag - both times they even included a return label so that all I would have to do is call UPS to schedule the pick-up. The SA's name is Phyllis and the manager is Sandy - both are fabulous. The number in Atlanta is 404-475-2800. Maybe you can kind of scout out what you are looking for and then contact them to get the scoop and the very competent yet casual service. Probably a lot of hassle when you have boutiques right there, but these two girls are worth it.
  5. Funny...I just went to the store on 51st this past Wednesday to look at the Mahala and felt extremely pressured by the SA. I was only in there for 15 minutes and couldn't decided on a color (torn between the electric blue and the black) and he kept pressuring me to make a decision.

    I ended up purchasing the blue Mahala in NJ at the Mall at Short Hills (a short drive or train ride from Penn Station). The SAs were not pushy at all and pretty much just left me to myself while I made a decision. And of course, they answered any questions that I had.
  6. thanks ilove2shop and vaness!!! I may have to try the Mall in Short Hills -- I think tax is lower there too. With shoes I like to try them on, but I could do bags over the phone. I'm visiting Atlanta in Sept, so I may have to stop by JC!!
  7. We have Jimmy Choo shoes and handbags at Bergdorf's on 5th ave btwn 57th and 58th st.
  8. I am so happy to hear that others have had the same problem with pressure. I thought maybe I was just being sensitive and/or a b*&%$.
  9. I have been meaning to stop by the midtown JC store for a while, since it's a few blocks away from BF's office. Thanks for letting us know what to expect!
  10. I hate it when you go into a boutique and the SA's hover! I always feel like they are watching to make sure I don't touch anything. :rolleyes:
  11. Went to Short Hills boutique today based on vaness's recommend and they were GREAT. I will ONLY be buying my JCs from there from now on!!!!!
  12. I was in the 5th and 51st store when I was in NY in July and I didn't get pressurized at all-maybe it was because I was a tourist. I wanted to get a specific ramona and they didn't have it in and that was it. I wasn't brought any other models or anything to look at.
  13. Hi, can u post picture of the blue mahala? Sorry to ask but is the blue the same as aubergine? or aubergine the same as purple?

  14. ^ here is a picture from the jimmy choo web site of the maddy.
    and this is the purple mahala.
  15. The aubergine is the purple bag. It is pretty dark from what I have seen. The electric blue is a bright blue color. There are pics of both at JChoo.com.