JC bags at overstock.com

  1. wow!
    I had no idea that website carried authentic designer items. Looks like theres some good deals.
  2. I've seen other designers on Overstock before but never JC.
  3. Yeah, me too and I've always wondered how the bags were, but never had the nerve to order any. The red Maisie is kind of cute, but not something I would drop the money for when there are so many other JC options on sale right now:woohoo:
  4. How do you think the bags end up over at this site?
    Are they last years season that stores unload to them?
  5. Yes, some are even 2 years ago in style. They have a few up to date ones though. :yes:
  6. I ordered the black Mahala from overstock. Will get here tomorrow. *excited*
  7. Congrats!:yahoo::yahoo:
    Be sure to post photos of you wearing:yes:
  8. they had a black Mahala on Overstock? I'm so mad I missed it! argh.