JC 20% off during Bloomies Friends and Family

  1. Hi Girls,
    I just returned from the Jimmy Choo Boutique in San Francisco Bloomingdales. They are participating in the Friends and Family promotion for 20% off Fall/Winter collection...no discount for the fabulous Cruise collection. :sad:
    But still it's a great deal! I got a Black Classic Ramona with the discount! :yahoo:

    Hope some of you can take advantage! I'm sure they do charge/Send. Happy Shopping!
  2. Thanks Salerno!

    Did you happenen to see any clutches?
    do you have a s/a there you'd recommend?
  3. I definitely could recommend an SA! I'm sort of a regular in the boutique.:shame: I always shop with Eric or Joe, but everyone else there (Nicla or Louie) is fabulous and loves their Choo!
    I saw the suede Arad clutch and a couple of other clutches...although apologies, I don't know the names. A lot of the red leather is on sale.
    Definitely call and ask. They're more than happy to help! 415-856-5431
  4. Yes, Eric is great. He has helped me with a bag I really had to have. I was in Nordies today and saw the multi color python Arad and I almost caved. That is one beautiful bag, but I will wait for the sale to purchase that one.
    I must get over to SF next week! Is parking a problem?
  5. Do you need some sort of postcard or coupon for the "Friends and Family" sale?
  6. No coupon necessary! They are pretty much offering the discount to everyone. Although I believe the discount lasts only this weekend during the Bloomies Friends and Family.....

    On the brightside, the SF boutique also is having a "Cruise party" with Date TBA...which is a showing of the cruise collection AND a presale for the December sale! So excited!
  7. Ohhhh. You must let me know when! I would love to be there!
  8. I think the last day of the F&F event is 12th Nov, Monday
  9. Salerno - thank you so much for the recommendation and phone number:tup::tup: