Jburgh...I'm gonna kill you!!!!

  1. jburgh...You posted the pic of that new turquoise Mahala! :devil:

    I had told DH, I'm done until spring.:angel:

    You also advised us that they all sold out in the Chicago store the first day they got them!:sweatdrop:

    I lost out on the EB Maddy and now they are all gone!:hysteric:

    You told me Casey was off today...oh no!:nuts:

    So what did I do????

    I called Gabrielle in the SF store and she found the Maddy in turquoise (in Las Vegas, of course!) and it is on it's way to me in Podunk, CA.!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats in advance, Jmcadon! I have met Gabrielle at the SF Jimmy Choo, she is very sweet and helpful. There is another SA named Nicla I recommend, she goes over and beyond everytime I shop there.
  3. Congrats, it's an adorable bag, colour tdf, jburgh ought to get a medal, not death threats! Hm... you have a slight problem though...some ETA planning required, I guess:graucho:?

  4. jmacadon - Oh my, don't kill me. If you do, how will I be able to see pics of your new baby? :graucho: However, you will not regret your decision! This is a fabulous bag, perfect for you! You deserve a pretty new Maddy, especially after your recent retirement. Take a deep breath and let the visions of the calm blue invade your head...the sea, the sky, the Maddy.
  5. Congrats Jm! Fabulous color. Enjoy!
  6. congrats jm!:yahoo: can't wait to see miss turquoise maddy!:girlsigh:
  7. "Jburgh...I'm gonna kill you!!!!"

    Ahhh....if I had a nickle for every time I thought those very words! :p

    Congratulations JM!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this color! Definitely my favorite new Choo color! :love:
  8. Then you would have a nickel?

    I'm going to go sit in the corner and cry....:crybaby:
  9. I would be RICH I tell ya....rich!!!! :p

    "Oh Stinkerbelle....get them BOTH"! "Two Rings, three Rings....who's counting"! "Define too many"! "Oh look! It comes in forest green"! ;)

    But I still love ya!!! :heart:
  10. Oh no...don't cry! I was just kidding! I had been looking at the new colors and first thought Poppy and then LP blue, but when I saw this color...I knew that this was it!

    If I hadn't listened to you, I would have probably lost out and then I would have hounded you to death over your EB Maddy.
    Soooo Thank you Queen of Choo!:queen::choochoo::heart:
  11. jmcadon - Oh, you know I am just kidding! You really should get the poppy, too. Both the Poppy and the Turquoise are great colors on you. I can see you with a poppy strolling through a field of CA wildflowers. :graucho:

    stinker (so much more appropriate than stinker "belle"!) - and don't you tell jmacadon, "See, I told you so!"
  12. jburgh - there you go, you just topped The Most Influential People in JC forum List for 2008! ha! :flowers: And i got you flowwwers! :biggrin:
  13. Way to go Jmcadon :yahoo: :woohoo:

    I am so glad you were able to grab a Maddy and I am sure it will look wonderful with that gorgeous car of yours :wlae:

    Yes, I think Jburgh is an enabler and I Love it :heart:
  14. Thanks to all! I will post pics when I get it. I just got a call from my credit card company wanting to make sure I made a purchase in Las Vegas today and letting me know I still have quite a bit of credit left on the card for more spending!?! I told the guy thanks for letting me know that!:nuts:
    Now if I can just get the bag before DH comes home next week:sneaky:
  15. Thats great!
    How much is the maddy now?