jburgh has been bad...

  1. I've been fretting about my bronze suede Riki. It is too small for me. I've never really used it, and thought I would sell her. Instead, I took her back to the store and asked if she could be returned. :shrugs: Yes! I also brought along an impulse bought sale Gucci from last week - I was just not feeling the love :tdown: . After all, that NBLPM was on hold for me. After looking again at the Mahala, she just jumped in my bag and followed me home. Feeling the love, feeling the love! :yahoo::heart::yes:

    Introducing the Mahala in Neon Blue Liquid Patent and Suede


  2. You gave in! :yahoo: Cheers to Mahalas! :drinkup: Oh and I got mine in Gold -- so glad!
  3. WOW! That is a an absolutely gorgeous bag!! Are the colors true to the photos? If so....WOW! I am in major LOVE!:love::girlsigh::love:

    Congratulations on a beautiful bag and for being able to return a few bags that weren't quite right to help fund your new purchase! :tup:

    Any sign yet of your nude Ring?:search:
  4. WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!! :wtf::nuts: It is SO stunning and rich. Gorgeous! :love:
  5. Thank you! I guess it was meant to be.

    Yes, the colors are true. It very vibrant compared to the Electric Blue. And the Electric Blue is pretty special. Keep your eyes out for a pair of flats in the Neon Blue suede. Wouldn't that be fabulous.

    The Ring just arrived and UGH, it does look dirty. It is going back as soon as they send me the RMA number.
  6. Well, the nude Ring has completely struck out....oh well, I guess they can't get them all right! It did look much better in the stock photos, but I am glad I got to see it IRL. Well sort of....returns are a pain in the butt! I schlepped mine to the nearest DHL facility just so I wouldn't have to wait around for DHL to actually show up...on time....this year. ;)

    But on a much lighter note, I don't think ANY bag could compare to that NBLPM! :yahoo:
  7. Wow -- this is the first time I have seen this bag!! Really stunning.
  8. Wowie Zowie Jburgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want..........:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  9. The color is stunning. WOW! I'm excited to see what the spring and summer collection will look like. I am so in the mood for color I can't stand it. You got a great bag!
  10. Wow..............:drool:
  11. Congrats on your newest Choo!!
  12. OMG...That color is amazing! I've never even seen a picture before. Stunning. Congratulations!!

  13. jburgh and stinker - sorry that the nude Ring didn't work out!:sad:
  14. The color took my breath away!!! TRIPLE WOW!!!! OMG, you're right, jburgh, it's really really more stunning than the EB that I've long been lusting after! Boy, I'd better check my local boutique now before it's gone again! And thanks for posting up the finally long awaited pics. OMG, OMG.......
  15. spectacular! :drool:congrats to you....really beautiful color!:love: