JBrand Jeans Sizing?

  1. Can anyone who has these jeans compare the sizing to other jeans you own and let me know how they run. TIA.
  2. In my experience:

    They run true to size. I'm a 26-27 in True Religion, closer to 27, and fit into both 26 and 27. They DO stretch out, so I would recommend that if you are between sizes, even if it's a little too tight, to get the smaller size. I wish I could give you my size in other brands but I am a die-hard TR fan, so I don't own any others. Good luck!
  3. I went with NAP's recommendation to size down for tight fit and took the 28 - and it fits perfectly. I can't compare to any other jeans as I recently lost a lot of weight and my jeans are not adjusted.... :smile: - oh, only for one, I am wearing a 29 in Rogan.
  4. thanks for the advice.
  5. Yep, order a size down for tight fit.
  6. J brand 912 in color INK runs big. get it a size down. its only big in the color ink for 912, i dont know why....the ink in 910 fits true to size...hope this helps!
  7. I'd say they run true to size.
  8. I'm between sizes and I sized down to the smaller size. Perfecto.