JBRAND jeans - help for sizing

  1. heyy
    i just ordered a size 23 pencil legs. i was reading through the forums about going one size down im usually a size 24 for R&R and im worried if the 23s would be too small
    does anyone know if the jbrand 23's acutally fit more like a 24??

  2. Well I wear size 24 (seven of all mankind, joe's, R&R, James) or size 25 (Hudson, R&R, Kasil, Paige) and the size 24 with the 14" or 12" opening fits me just fine.
  3. hey fellow vancouverite...
    the 23s might be a bit small.. Jbrand fits kinda small
    I wear 24/25 in rr
    and need a 26 jbrand 14" skinny

    hope this helps!
  4. I wear 24 in rr..and I'm pretty sure in Jbrands I would not try anything smaller than 25!
  5. No don't worry, you will be fine! I got both pairs a size down and there is a salesgirl at Moule on 4th who was upset because she got 24's and they stretched out.
  6. jbrand stretch out alot for the ciagrette cut. I am not sure about the other cutting
  7. i was told to size down too...that was a bad mistake! It was too tight! Got my regular size, and it fits perfect!