JBrand 12' Ripped and Torn Skinny Jean


Mar 26, 2009
I was at Nordstrom today and tried on the Jbrand ripped and torn 12 inch skinny jean in black. The jean seemed to fit perfect in every way but the part where the distressing is in the front knee and above area made my skin or fat bulge out of the holes, the sa said it was weird. Has anyone else had this problem with this particular style? I'm a pretty thin girl or so I thought until I put these jeans on. I searched the net for pictures of celebrities in this particular fit and style and found that possibly their knee fat was slightly bulging out too. Could this be possible?



Jul 8, 2008
Costa Rica
Because there are groups of threads running over you bare skin as opposed to the normal weave of the denim, there is more pressure on the places where the groups of threads cross your leg at the distressed parts than elsewhere...does that make sense? That would be my guess as to what's happening.
I'm going to agree with Nora, i think it's "bulging" because the threads are so thin ... on normal jeans you have the whole fabric to cover your skin. I have a few ripped jeans (not the Jbrand .. but siwy) . i only notice the bulge is when my leg is in an "L" shape ..
Nov 11, 2006
Washington, D.C.
They look great on you, really.

I try to stay away from ripped jeans in general, though. They just rip more very easily and you only get two or three good wears out of them. It seems like a waste for what jbrand costs. And I find that my jbrands rip easily to being with. I just had to patch a hole in the hip of my bell bottoms (although that may be because I'm between sizes. I'm smack in between a 25 and 26 so I end up buying the 25.)
May 12, 2008
i would spend a full day lounging around in them at home and then see how they stretch. i think most jb's stretch so they fit comfortably, and if that is the case with these, maybe your skin wont bulge out. i do see it in the pics, and it looks a bit strange imo. i would see how they fit after a day,a nd if you dont care for them, bring them back