Jbandme.com -Saturday 9/29-All Denim 25% Off

  1. http://www.jbandme.com/

    Excludes Seven for all Mankind

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  2. Thanks! I just spent three hours shopping for jeans and the only ones I liked were not in my size. I come home frustrated, see this and sure enough they had the style I wanted in my size and they were cheaper than where I was shopping!
  3. Oh..that makes me sooo happy! My DH and I went out of town briefly yesterday afternoon and didn't return until about 3 p.m. today. I immediately logged onto my email to check for sales alerts and found this one. What's amazing is that I first deleted it thinking it futile to post a sale that had only hours to go before expiring. After giving it more thought and realizing there were members in other time zones who had more time to use it, I retrieved and posted it. Now, I am happy that I did. If only one person benefits from someone posting a sale, then it was time well spent! :tup:
  4. Bagachondriac....I think I "stalk" your posts. I always check them out and have scored lots of things and I haven't said a proper thank you so THANK YOU! :smile: (And keep posting!)
  5. Actually, I should thank you and all of the other members who respond so positively to my "sometimes insignificant" posts. There are days when I post sales with a bit of reluctance ,as I'm not certain they will be worthy of anyone's attention. By that I mean the savings might seem to be insignificant when compared with other posts. But, over time I've come to realize that any savings is worthy of a post. I sincerely appreciate all the expressions of gratitude and must say thanks to all whose posts have been beneficial to me as well. Believe me, I too have saved a lot of money since joining the forum. We are all like one big happy family!! :yes: