Jazzy Coach

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  1. Does anyone have the Coach Poppy Patent Leather Jazzy Hobo? (In black preferrably?) Style #15790

    If so, does it stand on it's own? Do you LOVE her?

    I have a 40% of credit with Coach so I am debating spending that on her....

    anyone care to give a review of her?
  2. I wonder how long it's gonna stay in the FP... I just saw the lilac one go on sale in all the department stores... you may want to wait a bit
  3. I want to get one too, but I agree, don't waste your 40% off on that bag. The black is still in stores, but will probably go on sale soon.
  4. Jazzy definitely doesn't stand on her own! I do have a fabric one, but it's definitely a very slouchy bag. Pretty much puddles when you set it down. Not a structured bag at all.
  5. ^Agree with above, already saw some Jazzy's go to 30% off in outlets.
  6. I saw them yesterday as well
  7. I am really new to this forum. I have even barely even a profile up but I love this bag! My mom got me this bag for my birthday. At first it just looked like a plain black hobo. But I quickly fell in love with the black patent leather, fun for daytime, beautiful for night. It is a little big for night, though. I also love the tiffany blue lining. It carries a lot and is versatile since it has two straps. There's nothing wrong with the slouchiness. It haas just enough structure, does stand on its own and the slouchiness is cute when you're carrying it around. It's become my go to day to night bag. Just had to give my opinion :smile: Maybe I'll post some pics soon.
    P.S. I'm also new to Coach but becoming a huge fan fast lol
  8. Welcome, jaecurlyq! All it takes is 1 to get you started.........all the enablers here will lead you the rest of the way. :P
  9. My vote is with the other posters who say get it on sale in the outlet and save that 40% off for something really special!