Jazzercise..any good?

  1. I only been in the US for 6 mths, and failed miserably to look for small yoga classes near where I live (I used to do a lot of yoga back in Australia and the class was small therefore the instructor can make sure we were doing things right). There are several gyms near me where I can have that yoga classes, but not sure if I want to join the full membership with them because I dont fully use their facility.

    Then I came across this jazzercise place..seems fun, are they any good? Their monthly cost is $35 which I think is ok :smile:

    If you been to this place, pls share your experience.

    Thanks!!! :heart:
  2. I do this occasionally with my friends and I think it is fun:smile: it is a mixture of styles, It is inexpensive, you can go as much as you want for that monthly amount and at ours they also offer childcare:smile: I also do Hot Yoga a couple times a week and once or twice Pilates
  3. Thank you!! I might go and visit the place. I also wanted to make sure that they dont lock you into 12 mth membership like gym does.
  4. I just paid cash for the first month. You can do a monthly (I forgot what the English word for it is) withdrawal from your bankaccount or cc, it will be cheaper then I believe, but I haven't done that (yet). You can always try it and see how you like it.