JAYJUN experiences or reviews please

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  1. Hi lovelies,

    Does anyone know about this clinic JAYJUN, and how they are?

    I am new here, and i am planning a trip to Korea mid 2017 for square jaw reduction and eyelid surgery. So i am trying to find the right clinic for me.

    I would love to hear what their reputations are and if anyone have any personal experiences there would be much appreciated! :smile:

  2. They do a lot of advertising, haven't seen anything from them other than advertisements
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  4. #4 Apr 21, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2016
    eek, D: thankyou! for notifying me of this, i am new here and still have many threads to flip through. I guess i should have doubted them, because from the team of docs i dont see a anesthetic specialist, that can't be very safe? I was bothered when i noticed this as well as the fact this hospital is so new, but thought if they know what they are doing it may be safe. Maybe not >.>

    I'm think i will cross them off my list then!
  5. Hi there,
    Yes, it's hard to find actual reviews. I don't really trust places that try to blind you with ads and no real non-biased reviews to back it up.
  6. Jayjun told someone that the anesthesiologist actually resigned so that's probably why one is not listed.
  7. Thankyou for letting me know! i'm new to all this, and only started on researching clinics. So far im finding this process pretty hard lol :smile:
  8. Hi, did you end up having your surgery at Jayjun?
  9. I just had my eyes done at Jayjun, overpriced, bad service and do not recommend anyone here. Rough, rude, stingy and shady. Most horrible experience.