Jay Z and Beyonce engaged?

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  1. I'm wondering if this time it's true:

    Jay-Z and Beyonce are now officially engaged! The hip-hop artist proposed while the two were on a romantic getaway in Cannes during Beyonce’s UK tour. The two are definitely crazy in love! Congrats!
  2. Nice! Congrats to them :smile:
  3. Hmmmm....... i need to see a ring first! I have been praying that they would break up so i hope its not true I think B can do so much better than him
  4. it's not true....again....All of the sources of this "engagement" have come from gossip sites
  5. i dont think its true
  6. Really? I thought I read from somewhere that they were split?!?! Oh well, good for them if its true!!!!
  7. Didn't they break up?
  8. I heard they split too?
  9. I also thought they had split - didn't Jay Z have some song on his latest album about how he hopes she will grow up some and they can be together in the future?
  10. I'm a bit suspect.... rumor was they were broken up and only seen together at games and stuff b/c they were contractually obligated to be there.... let's see the ring.
  11. Beyonce is so pretty and could surely find someone better.
  12. I think they compliment each other well. They both work extremely hard and are both talented. She's just a lot prettier =P
  13. Maybe it's just a rumor to keep their names in the media?:shrugs:
  14. We hear this every year, really if they are good for them if not :shrugs: